Life at Costa Palmas

This Journal documents the experiences, activities and adventures of our team, guests, homeowners and visitors. If this is your first time visiting, start with our introduction and then dive in. Thank you for joining us on our spirited adventure.

Stories from the East Cape

Focus On: The Aventura Team, Danny

Wake boarding and water sports of all types have been part of this Aventura Team member’s life since was just six years old. Danny, our wake boarding instructor was born in Acapulco, where his family owned a local water activities business. About 11 years ago, they brought their business to Los Cabos and Danny has […]

Wisdom, Care & Artistry

Todd-Avery Lenahan on Designing For An Icon. How can you tell that Four Seasons is a hospitality icon? For one, says designer Todd-Avery Lenahan, other clients ask the company’s designers to make their home “feel like the best Four Seasons Resorts.” Of course, Costa Palmas Residence owners will get that level of interior design—combined with […]

Costa Palmas Welcomes Beach Club General Manager

Born in Milan, Italy, Lorenzo Mietitore has always had a passion for the art of service and travel, so a career in hospitality was the ideal fit.  After completing both his formal education and serving Italy’s one-year of mandatory military service, he returned home and received a job opportunity the very next day from Four […]

Cocktail Spotlight: Sea Of Dreams

A Cocktail Aptly Named. On more than a thousand untouched acres on the Baja Peninsula you’ll find Costa Palmas. A home to adventure, experiences and elemental luxury, the community is situated just alongside the Sea of Cortéz, also known as the Sea of Dreams. In the East Cape, the green-covered mountains and calm waters provide […]

Equestrian Escapade at Costa Palmas

Sunsets at Costa Palmas are brilliant shows of light and reflections on the azure waters that envelope our East Cape community. Many guests choose to take the experience once step further with our most popular activity: horseback riding on the beach. The rhythmic syncopation of the horses moving beachside combined with the waves rolling in […]

Becoming one with the sea

Introducing: Stand up Pedal Boards The Aventura Team recently introduced a new activity to their array of offerings at Costa Palmas: Stand-up Pedal Boards. Not to be confused with stand-up paddle boards, the pedal boards allow users to utilize traditional bicycling pedal movements to glide across the Sea of Cortez… all at their own speed. […]

Memorial Day at Costa Palmas

A Tradition Must Begin and Remain The magical combination of family and friends gathering for a sunset feast along the seashore is where memories are made. Costa Palmas friends and guests recently collected under the watercolor sky just at the waters’ edge to enjoy a thoughtfully-curated meal of fresh ingredients from the field and sea, […]

Cocktail Spotlight: The Kabbalah

With the warm and relaxing days of summer just around the corner, nothing can compare to a refreshing libation. Costa Palmas mixologist, Khaled Piñeda, has created a signature concept cocktail that epitomizes Baja life in the summer. The Kabbalah is a revitalizing drink that conjures up the feelings that come from experiencing the colorful sunsets, […]

Off the Beaten Track

You never know where an adventure will lead… Recently, a family visiting Costa Palmas wanted an off-road experience through the Baja Desert. Toy and Maria José, from the Aventura Team, guided our guests on an hour and a half trek through the “Arroyo de Santiago.” The “arroyo,” or dry river bed, connects La Ribera with the small picturesque […]

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