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Mango Season

The commencement of summer in Baja California is signified by the ripening of the antioxidant-rich mango. Sweet and tangy, the substantial fruit of the mango is a Baja delight. During the months of June, July and August mango trees, like those surrounding Costa Palmas, become weighed down by the ripening fruit, ranging in size from the size of a child’s hand to that of an adult. This versatile fruit can be eaten alone, in salads or with chili or ceviche. You’ll often see it served beach-side, peeled and on a stick and sprinkled with a chili spice, like Tajin.

Mangoes came to Mexico by way of India. As a popular Asiatic fruit, the mango seedlings landed in Acapulco in 1779 with the Spanish galleons sailing their trade routes from the Philippines.
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Many years later, the fruit has been crossed with other mangoes, resulting in a vast array of delicious mango specimens. On Baja you can taste a variety of mangoes: Kent, Manila (also known as Ataulfo), Manzano, Criollo, Machete, Papayo and more.

The legacy of the mango has inspired countless summer festivals and the people of the Baja are very proud of this delicious fruit. Feria del Mango in Santiago (the second week of July) has been celebrating the fruit for 11 years. In addition, the Festival del Mango in Todo Santos (the end of of August) began in 2007. The mango is not only a sweet treat, but it contains high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamin C and has been used for years to heal both internally and externally.

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Monday, June 11, 2018