On the Road to La Sirenita

La Sirenita is a hidden beach near Costa Palmas that any visitor to Baja must experience. For the journey, plan on leaving Costa Palmas around 7 or 8 am to arrive at the final destination, Los Arbolitos, by 10 am. Remember, as the day goes on, sometimes the winds pick up – so the earlier, the better.

Our day’s adventure begins by passing by Cabo Pulmo.

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First Stop, Cabo Pulmo

One of only three living coral reefs in all of North America is located just miles from Costa Palmas. The Cabo Pulmo reef is approximately 5,000 years old and was established as a proteced marine reserve in 1995. In 2005, UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site, meaning Cabo Pulmo is considered an area of outstanding international importance and therefore deserving of special protection.

Cabo Pulmo features 8 separate sections, or “fingers” of the reef: four close to shore and the other four out in the bay. The reef begins just a few meters off the coastline, which makes Cabo Pulmo an extremely appealing diving and snorkeling location. Commecial and and sport fishing are banned.

The waters of Cabo Pulmo are teeming with vibrant marine life, including: sea turtles, dolphin, parrot fish, angelfish, damselfish, mobula rays, sharks and whales. Large tropical schools of fish provide impressive parades of color for those who explore this incredible reef.

Next, Playa La Sirenita

Known as the “Dinosaur Egg Beach” or, “Los Chopitos,” Playa La Sirenita can only be reached by kayak, boat or from a walking path from Los Arbolitos. The white-sand beach is ever-so-gently speckled with tiny rocks and features protected waters that provide the ideal location for snorkeling around the rocks just offshore. At Playa La Sirenita, many set up a beach camp, enjoying one of the existing palapas and the calm, lapping sea waters. Snorkeling is ideal alongside the beach.

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Las Serenitas, wind and wave erosion sculptures at Cabo Pulmo, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baja California, Mexico,
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Sunday, April 29, 2018