Witnessing a Wonder of Nature

Sea turtles first arrived in Baja more than 200 million years ago and have since made the annual journey back to the warm, sandy beaches of their birthplace to lay their eggs along the coast. Five out of 7 of the world’s endangered sea turtle species reside in Baja and the continuation of the species is of the utmost importance to the community. In light of this, throughout the Baja professional organizations exist to protect and increase the numbers of the vulnerable sea turtles.

Recently, guests at Costa Palmas were fortunate enough to experience a wonder of nature as they were present for the release of turtle hatchlings as they made their maiden trek to the Sea of Cortez. Los Cabos is home to the Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtles who nest from June through December and November through February, respectively.
Sea turtles incubate for approximately two months and then claw their way out of the nest and instinctively head toward the sea. The programs in the Baja region were created to protect the hatchlings in their nests on the beaches and as they make their way back to the nutrient-rich sea. While only a small number of sea turtles successfully grow to maturity, the ones who survive can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds.

Monday, March 5, 2018