Dock Your Yacht in East Cape, Where You and the Crew Will Enjoy These 4 Activities

Searching for a yachting getaway with one-of-a-kind sights, sounds, and adventure at every turn? Set sail in stunning surroundings that are nothing short of breathtaking in Los Cabos’ East Cape, where you can recharge your batteries and make lifelong memories with your nearest and dearest. From the brilliant, jewel-toned sea stretching across the horizon to […]

20 of the Best Hiking Trails in and Around Cabo

Looking to explore hiking trails in and around East Cape Cabo? Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just taking the family out for an easy walk to take in the scenery and get a little exercise, Cabo’s trails are guaranteed to provide exquisite views of mountains, sand, and sea. Be sure to inform someone of […]

Best Bites to Enjoy While Sailing Around Los Cabos

Few experiences can top a day of sailing the Gulf of California, but upon docking you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Los Cabos. Enjoying a waterfront meal at a luxury restaurant or sipping on Mexico’s best coffee will elevate the memory to perfection. Whether you’re setting out on your yacht from Costa Palmas […]

9 Annual Events and Festivals to Plan Your Cabo Vacay Around

While planning a trip to Cabo, you’ll find a wealth of must-see attractions, tours, and beaches to add to your trip itinerary. The sun-soaked peninsula is ripe with adventure, but it also has its share of events and festivals too. From fishing, food, and film to tennis, music, and more, Cabo’s calendar is full of […]

4 Yachting Myths That Aren’t True in Los Cabos

Looking to relax, unwind, and truly get away from it all? Yacht life in Los Cabos offers the freedom, flexibility, and privacy to design your own excursion. If your sights are set on the shimmering turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, known as the “aquarium of the world,” there’s no time like the present […]

10 Tips New Yachters Should Know Before They Set Sail

Congratulations on your new yacht! Before you set sail on your first seafaring adventure, it’s vital that you understand not only how your vessel works, but also the basics of yacht ownership. Here are 10 tips for new yachters, to ensure you’re prepared for the before, during, and after sections of your voyage. 1. Have […]

Plan to Fish From Your Yacht? 7 Tips to Reel in a Big Catch

Headed to the East Cape for some of the best sport fishing in the world? If you’re fishing from your yacht, we’ve got some tips to help you make the most of your experience. From what to take and where to drop anchor to which fish are restricted and cooking your catch of the day, […]

Top 5 Reasons Luxury Yacht Owners Return to East Cape Again and Again

Are you looking for an exotic, elegant escape on your next getaway? If you’re seeking an experience unlike any other, the Costa Palmas Resort in East Cape is a dream destination. Nestled in right next to Cabo, Costa Palmas offers a pristine playground that stretches over a thousand acres. Sugar white sands, rugged mountains, the […]

8 East Cape Activities That Yachters Love

After a day spent sailing the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez, what could be better than docking your vessel at a palatial seaside retreat? Costa Palmas East Cape Resort, nestled right next to Cabo, is a 2-mile stretch of pristine beachfront designed with decadence in mind. Yachters looking for an elegant escape […]

9 Historic Sites to See in Cabo

With a colorful culture as rich and diverse as its storied past, Cabo has a plethora of sights to see, secrets to reveal, and adventures waiting to be discovered around every corner. Let your inner explorer out to play while you’re staying at the regal Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, just off […]

8 Things Yachters Should Look for in a Luxury Marina-Front Property

Waterfront properties have always been in high demand, but luxury marina-front property that offer a slip large enough to dock bigger vessels—including yachts—are even rarer. If you’re just beginning your search for luxury real estate boasting room for your yacht, it can be a challenging process. First, consider these eight features yachters should look for […]

A Family Guide to Activities While Visiting Los Cabos

Family vacations make for great lifelong memories and if you’re visiting Los Cabos, there are endless options for all ages. With terrain to explore, the Sea of Cortez to enjoy, and resort activities that kids love, there’s never a dull moment when you stay in Mexico’s East Cape. Between adventures, you can fuel up on […]