7 Onboard Activities To Enjoy On Costa Palmas Chartered Yacht Tours

Nestled in a sea of dreams, Costa Palmas offers a variety of original, chartered yacht tours in Los Cabos. Whether you serenely cruise the Sea of Cortez as the sun sets over pristine waters or choose to get your heart racing with spearfishing. There’s an activity for you and your family. Ready to learn more […]

New Day Club Opens in Costa Palmas

Costa Palmas, a 1500-acre residential and resort community in the East Cape, is opening a new day club, Delphine. In collaboration with Michelin star chef Ludo Lefebvre and club curator Fabien Cerato, the luxurious space offers food, lounging, and dancing. Inspired by the French Riviera, Delphine combines the elevated Riviera lifestyle with Baja’s fresh flavors. […]

8 Tips to Communicate with Your Yacht Captain and Crew

If you’ve ever seen yachts sailing through the Sea of Cortez, you know it’s a wonder to watch. For those planning to charter a yacht and glide through the sapphire waters, Los Cabos is the place to launch. A recently-built marina tucked inside the luxurious Costa Palmas property accommodates megayachts up to 250 feet long […]

Yacht Etiquette for Guests Who Join Your Trip

Planning a trip to Los Cabos on your yacht? There’s nothing better than sailing around the southern tip of Baja, and a new marina at Costa Palmas makes it all the more luxurious. If you’re planning to invite a group of friends and family on a yacht trip, it’s important to go over a few […]

5 Low-Key Activities to Do in Cabo That Avoid Crowds

Does your idea of a dream getaway include lots of low-key activities and excursions? The enchanting East Cape is full of things to do and places to see that cater to both social butterflies and those seeking more solitude. If your vacation vibe is more relaxing and restful than the hustle and bustle, consider filling […]

Island Hopping on a Chartered Yacht: What You Should Know

Whether you’re chartering a yacht in East Cape or own one, there’s a wealth of wild islands to visit as you sail the seas. East Cape is a hot spot for island hoppers, as a new marina offers the accommodations affluent travelers expect when planning yacht travel. If you and your family are ready to […]

How to Choose the Perfect Fishing Yacht Charter

Los Cabos has become the mecca of sportfishing. Every year thousands of anglers head to the area for a chance to catch the big one. Some come to fish during their holiday while others come to compete in offshore fishing tournaments held near the luxurious 1500-acre Costa Palmas property in East Cape. Last year’s winner […]

Top 7 Reasons Why Yacht Captains Love to Visit East Cape

Ask any yacht captain in Baja California Sur what they love about the region, and you’ll probably get a long list. They’ll describe near-perfect weather, and friendly locals. And a serenity that can’t be found in the more touristy cities that cater to Spring Breakers. Making East Cape is an unspoiled paradise, especially for those […]

Los Cabos Beach Review: Which Ones are Best?

Los Cabos, the home of two bustling seaside cities, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, has dozens of beaches to explore. Whether you want to people-watch, relax on the shores with a good book, swim, or test your skills on a surfboard, there’s a beach to fit your needs. Of course, the best […]

Trendy Date Night Ideas in East Cape

If you’re visiting East Cape as a couple, you’re in for an itinerary full of romantic, fun events. From hiking to a secluded 40-foot waterfall to walking along the beach at sunset, there’s no shortage of date night ideas in East Cape. East Cape is located a short distance from Cabo, on the quieter side […]

4 Tips to Move From the U.S. to a Luxury Home in East Cape

With its unassuming sophistication, rich culture, and boundless opportunities for excitement, the luxurious East Cape is an opulent travel destination that makes an even more enchanting home. If you plan on buying real estate in East Cape, just minutes from Cabo’s sunny shores, consider these tips to move from the U.S. to Mexico’s secluded coast. […]

4 Benefits of Buying a Marina Residence in East Cape

Buying a marina residence in East Cape affords homeowners convenient access to all the finer things in life. Like gourmet dining, exclusive shopping, and an array of first-class amenities. All nestled in an unassuming, elegant setting. So, what if you turned your dream of living life by the sea into a reality? The enchanting East […]