This Journal documents the experiences, activities and adventures of our team, guests, homeowners and visitors. If this is your first time visiting, start with our introduction and then dive in. Thank you for joining us on our spirited adventure.

Stories from the East Cape

El Capricho

With the first part of our 250 slip marina now open, we are starting to welcome a variety of visiting sailors and boaters. Inevitably, larger boats are starting to grace our docks and just a few weeks ago, the crew of El Capricho (a 73ft Sunseeker) spent a night in the Costa Palmas Marina on […]

Costa Palmas 1

Thanks to our private marina, boating at Costa Palmas is as easy as can be. As you can imagine, we have already started adding boats to the Costa Palmas Yacht Club and have enjoyed some memorable boat days over the past few months. First up is our 29′ Hinkley T29R. This magnificent 440hp jet drive […]

Welcome To The Beach Bar

This summer we officially opened the most exclusive beach bar and restaurant in Baja. The Beach Bar is part of the Costa Palmas Beach and Yacht Club, an exceptional members only club that sits at the heart of our community. With the first part of the Beach and Yacht Club now complete, our talented culinary […]

Canyon Hiking

Despite our beautiful beachfront location, Costa Palmas is just a short drive away from some fantastic hiking in the Sierra La Laguna Mountains. These granite mountains run down the spine of Baja California Sur with the highest peak (Picacho de la Laguna) reaching an impressive 7,090 ft. This sublime mountain range was declared a biosphere […]

Summer Breeze

Throughout the summer at Costa Palmas we are blessed with a glorious afternoon sea breeze. This breeze usually begins to fill in around 10 or 11am from the South East and gradually builds throughout the day usually peaking around 3pm and then quickly dying off around 6 or 7pm. At it’s peak, the breeze typically […]

Summertime Mountain Storms

Rainy days here are almost nonexistent. Almost all of our water comes instead from rainfall in the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountains and during the summer months, the mountains are often enveloped with afternoon storm clouds, which provide an epic backdrop to life at the beach, which remains calm and sunny. Yesterday was one […]

Tubing, Tubing, Tubing

It’s summertime here at Costa Palmas and all of our guests and visitors are making the most of the beautiful weather and warm water. All summer long we are blessed with very calm conditions, no waves and a light afternoon sea breeze to keep things cool. When you add warm water and great weather to […]

Simple Pleasures

When we created the Costa Palmas Beach Club we set out to fill it with the best gear, toys and guides available. That winning combination delivers an epic platform for fun and adventure. When it comes to kids though, its often the simplest activities that they enjoy the most. Snorkeling, wakeboarding, windsurfing and sailing may […]

Glassy Morning Sessions

During the first few hours of the day the Sea of Cortez puts on a daily show. With yesterday’s afternoon breeze long gone and today’s sea breeze still a few hours away, the ocean glasses off. Not surprisingly, the beach is alive and buzzing with early risers. Avid fly fishing folk stalk the beaches looking […]

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