Life at Costa Palmas

This Journal documents the experiences, activities and adventures of our team, guests, homeowners and visitors. If this is your first time visiting, start with our introduction and then dive in. Thank you for joining us on our spirited adventure.

Stories from the East Cape

A Day of Celebration at Costa Palmas

It was a day of pride as Costa Palmas celebrated the school age participants of the, “Aprende, Cultiva, Come y Vamos” education program. Approximately 150 local school children were acknowledged by the Costa Palmas team and prominent local La Ribera delegates and directors along with their family members for their participation in the 20-week, “Learn, […]

A Day Trip to El Triunfo

A Costa Palmas Spotlight Baja California Sur abounds with culture with an array of small towns and communities filled with artisans who make up the vibrant tapestry of Baja history. Just a brief and scenic drive from Costa Palmas lies the small mining town of El Triunfo. Just recently El Triunfo, or “The Triumph” in […]

Field of Learning

Recently we joined Chef Gonzalo in the Costa Palmas community garden as he was gathering fresh ingredients. This one-acre parcel of land features a dual purpose: providing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to the Costa Palmas Resort and providing educational and hands-on opportunities to the children of our community. Last year, Costa Palmas introduced the […]

Mind + Body + Environment Connection at Costa Palmas

With the Sea of Cortez as the backdrop, Costa Palmas is the ideal place to reconnect, recharge and experience peacefulness. As the senses absorb the native Baja landscape, yogis of all experience levels, from beginner to advanced, will find respites designed for mindful awareness. Throughout Costa Palmas there are pockets of peacefulness that welcome meditation, […]

Witnessing a Wonder of Nature

Turtle Release at Costa Palmas Sea turtles first arrived in Baja more than 200 million years ago and have since made the annual journey back to the warm, sandy beaches of their birthplace to lay their eggs along the coast. Five out of 7 of the world’s endangered sea turtle species reside in Baja and […]

Adventure awaits. Go find it.

Inspired by the simple notion that Adventure awaits… The Costa Palmas Aventura Team creates expeditions that will help you find the adventure that you’re looking for. In fact, a mere twenty minutes from the Costa Palmas resort lies a mountain-biking paradise. We recently joined Marco, the Aventura Team Director, on a bike excursion in the […]

Saira Hospitality: Investing in the Community

Fifty Eight Community Members Complete Costa Palmas Enrichment Program  Commitment to the local community is a cornerstone of the Costa Palmas mission. With that inspiration at the forefront, combined with desire to create, strengthen and elevate the local community, Costa Palmas recently partnered with Saira Hospitality to produce a seven-week instructional program designed to educate […]

Kiteboarding on the Sea of Cortez

The East Cape is a mecca for kiteboarding and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world during the winter months. A winning combination of warm winds, endless sunshine and ideal blue waters have firmly planted the area as the go-to winter destination for winter kiting. In support of this exhilarating sport, our Costa Palmas Aventura Team offers a […]

Sea of Cortéz – World Class Fishing Destination

Baja’s waters are a blank canvas for adventure. With the sea surrounding the East Cape rich with an abundance of fish species, fishing has beckoned anglers from around the world for decades. Cabo San Lucas and Magdalena Bay are just some of the spots where novices and professionals alike arrive to try their hands at […]

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