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East Cape

A Place for Those With a Taste for the Undiscovered and the Extraordinary

The East Cape holds out the irresistible allure of discovery. We are the Sea of Cortéz and not the Pacific Ocean, near Cabo but not Cabo, two lanes and not four. When we turn left from the airport instead of right, we consciously, happily, turn away from familiarity and toward possibility. Close to home and so far away, in a landscape of infinite experiences on the wilder side of Baja Mexico, we are free spirits. Between desert and ocean, we are wide open adventurers hungry to explore our own frontiers.

Teens lounge in the sun on the foredeck of a luxury yacht in East Cape Baja Sur

East Cape - Find Your Adventure

This is a place to savor the tang of la aventura. Answer the invitation to hike into the hillsides, give in to the urge to paddleboard, explore the region’s secret sources of greenery, fresh water and peace. Mountain bike. Stargaze. Walk to the water, tie a fly and cast for rooster fish like John Steinbeck once did. Stroll the classically styled golf course with the glimmering ocean for inspiration. Or simply relax.

Always, the sea calls you back. The adventure that brought modern glamour to this coast is yachting; soon, our Marina Village will be home to the most spectacular boats on the Sea of Cortéz. Costa Palmas is your gateway to the exhilarating freedom of life at sea. A thirst for adventure found this land, and it rooted deeply.