Focus on: Maria Jose | The Aventura Team

We recently sat down with Maria Jose, a coach, mentor and guide from the Aventura Team to learn more about her role within our community.

CP: What brought you to Costa Palmas and why did you decide to get involved with the project?

MJ: I am originally from Morelia, Michoacan (MX) and after spending some time in Cabo I fell in love with Baja. The people, the landscape and lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to learn about Costa Palmas through Marco, our Aventura Director.


CP: What do you like most about your role at Costa Palmas?

MJ: I love the fact that here the Aventura Team is responsible for creating incredible and memorable experiences for our guests… and I love that our “guests” become friends. We truly love spending time with them and showing them all that the East Cape has to offer.


CP: Which activity do you enjoy this most at Costa Palmas?

MJ: I love the Eureka Trail and so do our guests! We either hike, ride bikes or ATVS… It’s such a hidden gem — something many of our guests have never experienced.

"What Baja offers is unlike any other place in Mexico: we have the sea, the desert and the mountains. It’s a unique locale; it’s own microclimate. The natural beauty of the East Cape offers an air of peacefulness and tranquility, too.. It’s a serene environment and living here and working here, I am able to have that connection with nature that I love. Baja is magnificent."

CP: Where do you like to go when you are not working?

MJ: I have two favorite places that I like to go. My first “secret” spot is Santispak Beach, just north of Loreto. The water just laps up calmly and it’s absolutely stunning. Secondly, I love hiking near The Arch. Most visitors to Los Cabos usually see Land’s End from a panga or a fishing boat. But hiking to the top of the hill and feeling the breeze while listening to the waves of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez come together is breathtaking. Truly.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017