Saira Hospitality: Investing in the Community

Fifty Eight Community Members Complete Costa Palmas Enrichment Program

Commitment to the local community is a cornerstone of the Costa Palmas mission. With that inspiration at the forefront, combined with desire to create, strengthen and elevate the local community, Costa Palmas recently partnered with Saira Hospitality to produce a seven-week instructional program designed to educate and train local men and women from the adjacent community of La Ribera in the fields of hospitality and the English language, with a focus on the Costa Palmas brand values and luxury hospitality.

When introduced, the opportunity was met with outstanding reception by the surrounding community. More than 100 students demonstrated interest and were selected to participate in the daily, 7-week course that covered key topics, like tangible and intangible service qualities, loyalty programs, turnover, service recovery, mindfulness and wellness, cultural and emotional intelligence and communication skills.

“We are very proud of the students who graduated from the program,” said Harsha Chanrai, founder of Saira Hospitality. “The entire education process was widely accepted and the community has been extremely supportive of Costa Palmas.”

The program introduced students to the world of hospitality, identified their personal goals, strengths and weaknesses and helped map out career paths within the hospitality sector. The program also gave students a broad understanding of the various genres of hotels, tourism today and the millennial traveler profile with education and training happening both inside the classroom and out.

“Each of our Saira graduates have the hospitality gene, that gene that will allow them to travel the world, if they’d like, interacting with people from all walks of life, providing for their families and being the leaders that they they can be,” said Harsha. “It was an honor to create a tailor made curriculum and to be able to share some of the teachings from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration”.

Costa Palmas salutes the 60 Saira Hospitality graduates for their commitment and success. We rise by lifting others. Felicidades graduados.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017