A Day of Winter Kitesurfing in the Sea of Dreams

There are many seasons filled with beauty here on the Sea of Cortez, but none so fine as these winter days. The wind lifts the usually calm waters into gently churning waves, making the ideal circumstances for a kitesurfer’s paradise. If you have yet to try it, kitesurfing is a rare combination of sport and meditation, catalyzing the unusual feeling of sailing with flight.

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Flying over the Sea of Dreams are moments difficult to define. Time accumulates slowly out on the ocean, with the sound of waves lapping and crossing, and the surrounding views of the coastline filling your sight. Only here does time become visible: distilled into clear water and heavenly skies.

The Sea of Cortez brings different possibilities in every season and is available to you as an all-year-round playground. Costa Palmas’s Aventura Team is ready to help you find your adventure and provide you with everything you need to fulfill it. Experience the weightlessness of floating close to the horizon, and feel the joy that can be experienced nowhere else on earth. 

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023