6 Ways to Enjoy Nature In and Around East Cape

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for new ways to enjoy nature? East Cape is full of gorgeous sights and scenery, waiting to be discovered.

Listed below are just some of East Cape, Baja’s numerous natural wonders

If you are interested in any of these excursions you can book them directly, through local vendors. If you’re staying at Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, you can talk with the concierge to make reservations.

  • Go on a kayaking and snorkeling expedition to El Arco

    One way to enjoy the natural wonders in East Cape is to get up close and personal with one of the world’s most stunning landmarks: El Arco, or “The Arch.”

    The distinctive gateway to the sea towers 200 feet out of the turquoise water at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas.

    Book your kayaking trip, led by local tour guides, to see the breathtaking limestone formation for yourself and hit the open sea at sunrise to catch the jaw-dropping view.

    While floating under El Arco, you can also spot sea lion colonies sunning themselves on nearby rocks.

    Snap a once-in-a-lifetime selfie at The Arch, flanked by tranquil Lovers Beach on one side and the rocky shores of Divorce Beach on the other, before kicking off the snorkeling portion of your expedition.

  • Traverse rugged terrain on horseback

    One of the biggest draws of East Cape as a vacation destination is its highly unique geography.

    Sugary white beaches and the shimmering sea change vastly as you head inland, where thick forests give way to stretches of peaceful, desert-like landscapes.

    What better way to see the gorgeous geography of Los Cabos than on horseback?

    Your adventure begins at a local ranch, where you can drink in the local history and culture with authentic cowboys and cattle.

    Head out on your horse to experience sights like massive cliffs, beautiful beaches, and cacti dotting the horizon–all in one trip.

    This exciting excursion is perfect for all travelers, from beginner to advanced, because you’ll be perfectly paired with a horse that matches your experience level.

  • Make a splash with a whale-watching tour

    The East Cape is brimming with a world of enchanting marine life just below the surface, including majestic whales.

    Create unforgettable memories on a whale-watching tour on your getaway, guided by a knowledgeable marine biologist. These unique tours are educational and non-invasive. Allowing you to safely learn about and bask in the splendor of breaching whales, without causing them any distress.

    You’ll brush up on your knowledge of each species you see, from humpbacks and sperm whales to gray, blue, and even killer whales.

    Other creatures you may spot on your aquatic journey include dolphins, sea turtles, and certain species of sharks.

  • Hike to picturesque waterfalls

    Discover hidden waterfalls on a private tour of some of the most magical natural sights to be seen. This voyage takes you off the beaten path and deep into the lush forest past stretches of desert scenery, which you’ll reach by hiking through a canyon.

    Once you reach your idyllic destination, you’ll be in awe of the cascading waterfalls–a true oasis surrounded by all the elements of paradise.

    After your adrenaline-pumping hike, along which you’ll spot an array of colorful flora and fauna, you’ll certainly be ready to relax and unwind to the soothing sounds of the fresh, rushing water.

    You can swim, jump in, or just enjoy the sights with a waterside picnic lunch or savory snack before heading back on the trail to your regal resort.

  • Venture out on a camel safari

    Soak up a colorful sunset on an expedition that will undoubtedly feel like something out of a dream. Embark on a three-hour camel safari journey that offers unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean while riding on one of these amazing creatures.

    During your trek, you’ll glide past a horizon that transforms from a windswept desert to a calm, glittering sea.

    Next, you’ll become an expert on all things Baja culture on an educational nature walk, thanks to words of wisdom from your tour guide.

    The tour winds down with a delicious lunch full of traditional Mexican fare and a mezcal and tequila tasting to spice things up.

    Finally, you and your group will bask in the warm glow of a crackling campfire under a color-streaked sunset.

  • Melt away stress in bubbling hot springs

    Last but certainly not least, exploring the natural wonders in East Cape wouldn’t be complete without making your way to the region’s therapeutic thermal hot springs.

    Known affectionately as “nature’s hot tubs,” these pools of soothing water are the perfect place to connect with the environment.

    Two hot springs that are accessible to visitors are located at the foothills of the Sierra la Laguna mountains, the El Chorro and Santa Rita Hot Springs.

    Along the way, you’ll pass through some of the area’s oldest and most charming small villages, including Caduaño, Miraflores, and, ultimately, Santiago. Past the lush mango groves and quaint colonial architecture of Santiago, you’ll hike to the tranquil setting that rests at the base of the narrow Agua Caliente Canyon.

    Bubbling hot springs that dot the canyon wall are full of warm, peaceful water. As soon as you step one foot into the healing hot springs, you can feel your worries drift away.

    Thirsty for more adventure? Hike further into the canyon to be greeted by several more secluded pools and small waterfalls.

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