Money Tips to Consider for Your East Cape Vacation

No matter the size of your bank account, it’s always wise to stay up-to-speed on the smartest money moves.

Before your next opulent excursion to Los Cabos, brush up on currency exchange and current rates. Your investments will go further while vacationing in East Cape when you’re prepared with these savvy financial tips.

  1. Buy pesos prior to your trip

    One top money tip is to purchase pesos before boarding your plane, private jet, or luxurious yacht bound for Los Cabos.

    By converting cash to pesos before you step foot in your exotic escape, you’re crossing off an important traveling task–and it’s always a good idea to have cash on-hand from the start. Most U.S. banks make it easy to exchange dollars for pesos and usually do so for free.

    Stay abreast of the strength of the U.S. dollar, as a favorable exchange rate means your dollars will go further for any purchases you make while traveling abroad.

    The exchange rate for converting dollars to pesos fluctuates daily, so stay prepared by checking online each morning for the most accurate information.

  2. Get to know the Mexican peso

    Another wise financial tip is to know the basics of the Mexican peso, the country’s official currency.

    These colorful bills come in increments of 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500. Coins are also used, and these pesos are used in 1, 2, 5, and 10 values. The country’s coins are commonly referred to as “centavos.” Although they do not have a sizable monetary value, they are used often and will come in handy throughout your trip to Los Cabos.

    Keep in mind that although you’ll see the familiar dollar sign used in the United States, pesos are always used in Mexico.

  3. Use ATMs to your benefit

    ATMs are another hassle-free way to get your money situation sorted before officially starting your vacation.

    Just like in the United States, ATMs are widely available and just plain convenient–not to mention offering a great exchange rate.

    ATMs are also a wise way to withdraw a larger lump sum of cash and avoid paying multiple transaction fees.

  4. Plan ahead for personalized luxury

    Make the most of your money–and your downtime–by planning ahead when vacationing in East Cape.

    Whether your dreamy destination is a first-class resort, vacation home, or aboard a luxury watercraft, let any available staff or crew know your plans and preferences before your arrival.

    By telling your yacht crew, hotel concierge, or household staff what activities or excursions you want to make happen on your trip, they can get busy diving into the details so that you don’t have to.

    Their knowledge of local tours and amenities will also ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck–and possibly even more pampering or adrenaline-pumping activity time than you had planned.

  5. Alert your bank about your travel plans

    Prevent any shopping snafus by letting your bank know ahead of time that you’ll be traveling internationally.

    This will prevent the bank from raising red flags while vacationing in East Cape. Having to deal with pesky transactional errors whenever you swipe your card is no fun.

    If your bank is unaware of your travel plans, they may suspect your card has been stolen and freeze or cancel the account.

    Paying with a credit card in Mexico also affords you the benefit of getting the best exchange rate.

    Most resorts, restaurants, and stores in Mexico accept credit cards, so you can shop ‘til you drop without fretting over the form of payment.

  6. Cash in on credit card perks

    You will want to choose a credit card that has no international fees. It’s also wise to use one that will allow you to accrue travel points and other travel-related rewards.

    If you have purchases you’ve already planned to make this is an easy, breezy, way to rack up perks and benefits. Especially convenient for jet-setters travelling frequently for both business and pleasure.

    If you prefer not to utilize ATMs or credit cards on your trip, there are other options. Like making a visit to a bank or a currency exchange office in Mexico.

    Be sure to locate and confirm a particular bank’s abilities before jetting off to the East Cape. Not all banks are able to exchange dollars for pesos.

    At the end of the day, do what makes you feel most comfortable when it comes to your cash.

  7. Protect your money and possessions

    Especially when traveling with a large amount of cash, you want to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your money–literally.

    Never leave large sums of cash (or valuable possessions) sitting out in the open, no matter how nice your accommodations are.

    If you don’t want to use the safe provided in your resort or onboard the yacht, tote a personal safe along and store it in an obscure location.

    Despite the most purposeful planning, accidents still sometimes happen. If you’re traveling with fine jewelry or other high-priced assets, ensure that your insurance policies are in place and up-to-date.

  8. Consider a currency exchange at the airport

    Buying pesos at a kiosk when you land is economical, and you can then sell any of your remaining pesos before you leave Mexico.

    Doing so is easy; thanks to the availability of airport currency exchanges. There’s typically only a small convenience fee added to the transaction–if any.

    Count this tip as one more way to spend less time dealing with details. And then spend more time resting, recharging, and making the most of every moment on your glamorous getaway.

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