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A 1,500-acre paradise lives at the edge of the swimmable waters of the Sea of Cortez.
Baja’s East Cape.

Four Seasons Resort
Four Seasons Residences & Villas
Costa Palmas Beach & Yacht Club
Costa Palmas Golf Club
Costa Palmas Marina
Amanvari Resort & Residences
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Where elemental luxury meets a sea of dreams.

Set along the Sea of Cortez, wrapped in rugged mountains, untouched beaches, and crystal blue water, the East Cape is a secluded oasis for those seeking exceptional experiences. And nestled within it, Costa Palmas, which offers the chance to live and enjoy exciting landscapes and enriching moments. Discover the elemental luxury of our community, which is home to:


Casa Blake Residences in the heart of the Costa Palmas Marina Village

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Stories from the East Cape

A Day of Winter Kitesurfing in the Sea of Dreams

There are many seasons filled with beauty here on the Sea of Cortez, but none so fine as these winter days. The wind lifts the usually calm waters into gently churning waves, making the ideal circumstances for a kitesurfer’s paradise.

The Future of Casa Blake Promises Adventurous Opulence

There was magic in the air the other afternoon, at a lively celebration to commemorate Costa Palmas’ newest ownership opportunity: the future residences of Casa Blake. Over one hundred of Los Cabos’s real estate brokers and agents gathered to learn about the fanciful up-and-coming property, which promises to host a revelatory and playful kind of luxury.

A Day of Luxury: The Costa Palmas orchard Offers Life’s Simplest Pleasures

Recently Costa Palmas prepared a truly unique and restful day, in one of the world’s most glorious places on earth: the orchard. Here, Costa Palmas members had the opportunity to savor one of life’s quieter moments.

Join our community and see Costa Palmas take shape, on land and at sea.