6 Spots History Buffs Should Visit While Visiting East Cape

Are you a history lover? If you are, you enjoy visiting places with a long-running past. For history buffs a vacation to Los Cabos is the ultimate vacation destination.

Soak up the sun–and plenty of luxury–the next time you’re traveling to East Cape.

During your stay at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, be sure to check out these six fascinating historical sites.

  1. 1) Museum of Natural History in Cabo San Lucas

    On your vacation to Los Cabos, with your sights set on exploring historical spots, visiting the Cabo San Lucas Museum is a must.

    The museum, which offers free admission, is the best place to learn more about the Pericú. These aboriginal peoples inhabited the area when the Spanish settlers arrived in the 1700s.

    You can’t miss the whitewashed building that houses the museum, thanks to the massive whale skeleton that sits outside.

    Inside, you can get up close and personal with artifacts chronicling life for the Pericú people prior to colonization. You’ll also learn the story of Spanish settlers, and even get the scoop on the pirating problem in the area.

    History buffs can also check out the extensive collection of fossils found in the museum. Painting a vivid picture of the long natural history of the Cabo region.

  2. 2) Mission San José del Cabo de Anuiti

    If walls could talk, this mesmerizing church would likely have quite the stories to tell. This stunning, historically rich mission church can be found in the town square of San José del Cabo.

    It marks the southernmost Jesuit mission on the Baja peninsula and was dedicated in honor of Saint Joseph.

    Originally built closer to the coastline in 1730 by Father Nicholas Tamara, who was later martyred, it was moved in 1799. This was after the church sustained damage during the Pericú rebellion.

    Once the church was moved to a spot further inland, it also served as a Spanish fort.

    In 1847, during the Mexican-American War, U.S. troops used the church as a fort, cementing the beautiful building’s place in local history.

    In 1918, the church was badly damaged as a result of a hurricane. It was rebuilt in 1920, replicating the classic Spanish architectural style of the original version.

  3. 3) Casa de la Cultura San José

    This eye-catching, colonial-era structure has stood for 150 years, with a distinctive pink color that adds to the unique design. Preserved in its original state, the attention-grabbing cultural center remains a treasure for tourists looking for a blast from the past.

    Back in 1847, during the Mexican-American War, Casa de la Cultura, or “House of Culture,” was utilized as a home for resident Americans. Now, it houses a museum full of local artifacts and exhibits with relics from earlier times.

    It also contains a theater that regularly hosts various live musical and dance performances, productions, and creativity-sparking classes for students.

  4. 4) El Faro de Cabo Falso (Lighthouse of the False Cape)

    What could be more breathtaking than a lighthouse overlooking sweeping sandy beaches and turquoise waters?

    The Lighthouse of the False Cape, which holds the title of one of the oldest buildings in Cabo, towers over a cliff 500 feet above sea level.

    It was designed and constructed by Joaquín Gómez Palacios, a native Spaniard from Madrid.

    At one time, the majestic adobe structure protected ships from the rocky shoreline and threats of pirates. Although now in ruins, this one-of-a-kind sight is a most impressive place to explore. Sightseers can often get a glimpse of turtles on the beach below.

    The lighthouse is located on a 3-mile hike, ATV ride, or horseback ride from the center of Cabo San Lucas.

    Every year, the site serves as a venue for celebration on Cinco de Mayo, where locals and tourists alike gather for a good time.

    Once you reach your destination, soak up the gorgeous views atop the cliff and gaze down onto the shipwreck below.

  5. 5) El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

    Affectionately known as “The Arch,” this stunning site is undoubtedly the most recognizable in the region. And a landmark of natural history. Traveling to East Cape simply isn’t complete without a trip by boat over to El Arco to see the stunning rock formation in person.

    Sights to see include passing whale-watching tours and the sea lion colony, which you’re likely to spot sunning on nearby rocks and stretches of sand.

    Boat, kayak, or paddleboard over to El Arco to drink in the sights and snap a selfie, followed by a walk along beautiful Lover’s Beach, which has its own storied past.

    While it’s commonly believed that Lover’s Beach earned its name as the point where the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean meet, legend tells another story.

    According to the tale, an 18th-century Japanese sailor found himself shipwrecked on this very beach. And here he wooed and fell in love with a local woman. Her father, upset over the romance, fought and ultimately killed the sailor. The devastated woman took her own life in order to be with her love for eternity.

  6. 6) San José del Cabo

    As the oldest Spanish colonial town in the area, this spot is chock full of facts and stories that date back many years. Once you’ve arrived, make your way to the town square, Plaza Mijares. Here you’ll find the town hall, mission church, and an assortment of cafes and boutiques that line the square.

    Admire the rustic colonial architecture that lies steps away from idyllic sandy beaches for a trip back in time.

    The quaint, charming town is also home to several art galleries, perfect for admiring the work of local artists through the years.

    Right outside the city, the San José Estuary is perfect for exploring. The protected nature reserve is home to local birds like hummingbirds, ibis, herons, and the critically endangered Belding’s Yellowthroat.

On your next vacation to Los Cabos, let your inner history buff enjoy all the area has to offer. Between visits to local landmarks full of colorful culture, immerse yourself in laid-back luxury during your stay at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, where you’ll be surrounded by world-class shopping, gourmet dining, and endless elegant amenities at your fingertips.

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