20 Authentic Experiences and Souvenirs Baja Visitors Should Have on Their List

Headed to one of the East Cape resorts in Cabo? Whether you’re traveling with a significant other, immediate family, or a group of friends, there’s plenty of adventure to be had during your stay. 

Choosing the right experiences to make your trip fun and memorable will largely be based on your interests and abilities. Although most East Cape Resorts Cabo offer activities, there are also plenty of businesses that cater to tourists. 

Whether you’re an experienced thrill-seeker or a beginning adventurer who needs some instruction, you’re sure to have an authentic experience that will leave you with great memories and the photos to prove that once-in-a-lifetime story.

And since shopping is on everyone’s favorite list of activities, some souvenir suggestions are included.


1. Scuba diving 

East Cape resorts Cabo provide access to countless water-focused opportunities, but few are more memorable than scuba diving. The calmest waters with the best visibility are between June and November and the living coral reefs at Cabo Pulmo should be your top destination.

2. Horseback riding

Explore the canyon trails, beaches, and oceanside cliffs on horseback led by an expert guide. No experience is necessary and treks begin with basic riding technique.

3. Sailing

Sit back and enjoy the views with a captained private sailing excursion. Bring snorkeling gear and a waterproof camera to capture the memories from both above and below the surface.

4. Golf

World-renowned golf is plentiful at East Cape resorts Cabo, but few courses are as stunning as the 18-hole championship course designed by esteemed golf course architect Robert Trent Jones II. With views of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, coastal dunes and freshwater estuaries, you can’t miss the opportunity to play at the Costa Palmas Golf Club.

5. Zip lining

There’s no shortage of zip line experiences to be had in the East Cape. Capture the view on video as you soar over canopies, canyons, and desert landscapes.

6. Kitesurfing

Anytime is a good time to kitesurf in the Sea of Cortez, but November through March is when “El Norte” winds create a consistent breeze. Local programs, such as that offered by the Costa Palmas Aventura Team, offer lessons and technique tips for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders.

7. Swim with whale sharks

Let the experts take you on an adventure at sea, including swimming with whale sharks in the waters off La Paz. From April through October, these peaceful creatures can be found in the Sea of Cortez, which Jacques Cousteau referred to as the “World’s Aquarium.”

8. Dune buggy racing

Strap in for an adrenaline-fueled excursion as you race across beaches, through sand dunes and down dirt roads.

9. Deep-sea fishing

Almost all the East Cape resorts Cabo will have pamphlets at the ready if you ask about a deep-sea fishing expedition. But the Costa Palmas Beach & Yacht Club has seasoned fishers at-the-ready to captain your boat.

10. Spa pampering

Not everyone’s idea of vacation involves an adrenaline rush. Relaxation and restoration awaits at the countless spas at East Cape resorts Cabo. Consider complementing your massage, facial, or mani-pedi with a dip in a plunge pool or a nap on a warming bed at Costa Palmas’ Four Seasons spa.

Shopping is the one activity on everyone’s vacation list and the East Cape won’t disappoint. No one is discouraging you from grabbing a few t-shirts at the on-site gift shops at the East Cape resorts Cabo, but don’t skimp on the most unique regional items. Hit the markets, artisan shops, the Mezcaleria, or the duty-free section at the airport on your trip home to stock up on these Baja favorites.


11. Jewelry

While gold and silver are popular with Mexican artisans, so are stones, gems, and sun and moon motifs. Hand-painted beads make for a unique look to commemorate your time at East Cape resorts Cabo and make for great conversation pieces.

12. Chocolate

Because Mexican chocolate is minimally processed, it has a rougher texture and more bitter flavor. Roasted cacao nibs are ground up, sweetened with sugar and spiced with cinnamon. It’s common for Mexican chocolate to also contain chilies for heat, nuts for texture, and other spices like nutmeg or allspice for depth.

13. Ceramics

Pick up a few hand-painted ceramic tiles and a soap dish to customize your master bath or take home a ceramic tea kettle for your dog walker. A few locations in Los Cabos sell genuine Talavera pottery, which is only made in the Talavera Zone in Puebla, Mexico. 

14. Tequila

Almost any premium priced tequila in Cabo will be good, but taste a few to decide on a favorite to take home. There are a lot of factors that affect the taste of tequila: age of the plants, soil, temperature, how the plants were baked and aged, and even the equipment used in the process. Some will have a more distinct agave flavor, others might have hints of pepper or a woody aroma. You may want to consider a tequila that’s sold in collector bottles or individually numbered bottles.

15. Original art

Few things commemorate a favorite locale than original art and Cabo is ripe for the picking. Start at the Art Gallery District behind San Jose del Cabo’s historic main square, which features 14 major galleries. 

16. Cigars

Mexico produces its own quality cigars, true aficionados will be happy to learn that you can purchase Cuban cigars in Cabo. Just smoke them while you’re on vacation rather than trying to take them home in your suitcase.

17. Vanilla

If you love to bake, genuine Mexican vanilla extract should be on your take-home list. After all, Mexico is the original birthplace of the vanilla plant. You’ll find it at markets and grocery stores on the East Cape.

18. Leather goods

Handcrafted leather goods make for useful souvenirs and gifts. You’ll find beautiful selections of detailed belts, purses, wallets, boots, and sandals. 

19. Hand-blown glass

Using recycled, lead-free glass, the maestros at The Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas create original pieces and accept custom orders.

20. Wine

If you aren’t sure which local wine would make for a nice gift or souvenir, consider hiring an expert. Pure Cabo will send a certified Sommelier to your villa at any of the East Cape resorts Cabo to explain the regional wines and let you sample them.

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