What Makes a Home High-End in East Cape?

When you think of a luxury home, what do you think of? You probably think of a large, opulent home with sweeping views and impressive amenities. Honestly, that’s a solid definition. However, East Cape real estate is a little different. Luxury homes that line Baja’s Sea of Cortez have a few distinguishing characteristics.

If you’re looking to buy East Cape real estate, here’s what makes homes in this market high-end:

  1. Location

Every luxury home has a great location. Whether it’s perched on a mountain or overlooking the ocean, a luxury home is always in an awe-inspiring spot. When it comes to East Cape real estate, however, the location, frankly, is one in a million.

Luxury homes in this area have the sapphire waters of the Sea of Cortez in the foreground and the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in the background. The natural beauty of the southern tip of Baja is unparalleled.

  1. A luxury price tag

As you might expect, luxury homes typically have a high price tag. By definition, luxury homes are valued in the top 10% of properties in the local market. It’s the same for East Cape real estate, but the price includes more than a home with a great view.

High-end home buyers in East Cape can get access to exclusive clubs, restaurants, and amenities. Buying a home in the Costa Palmas Resort Community, for example, gives owners access to an elite Beach Club, Yacht Club, Kids’ Club, on-site restaurants, and an 18-hole golf course designed by golf pro Robert Trent Jones Jr. While additional membership fees may apply, living in a more expensive home comes with chic amenities.

  1. More room to entertain

Most luxury homes are larger in size. They usually have more bedrooms, a larger kitchen, or a guest wing. A lot of East Cape real estate dedicate some extra space to elegant outdoor areas. For instance, an area with a pool that overlooks the sugary sand and sea that blurs the lines of indoor and out.

A beachfront residence inside Four Seasons, for example, has an outdoor space with luxurious loungers, daybeds, a private pool, an outdoor fireplace, a grill, and a table that’s perfect for all of your poolside meals.

These high-end residences are up to 5,000 square feet. Buyers have a spacious sunken living room, up to five bedrooms each with their own bathroom, and an expansive master suite with his and her closets, a fireplace, and a large sitting area.

  1. No cookie cutter home design

A luxury home isn’t a cookie cutter home that everyone in the area has. A luxury home is an architectural wonder that’s as unique as the buyer.

East Cape real estate is similar in its well-designed homes that are unmatched in design and beauty. Many of the high-end homes in East Cape are open, bright, and designed to blend in with the natural beauty of the area.

  1. Premium finishes

When it comes to high-end homes in East Cape, every piece of the home is built with top-of-the-line materials. For instance, countertops are often made of imported Italian marble. Appliances are both opulent and tech-savvy, and home automation makes moving about the home a breeze.

  1. Fire and water features

Today’s high-end homes often have superlative features that aren’t just decorative, but functional too. For example, many high-end homes in East Cape have several fireplaces ensconced in glass. On a cool night, this architectural feature provides warmth.

Water features blend in with outdoor spaces. A water feature near a pool is visually appealing and may also filter clean water throughout the pool.

  1. Unique features that aren’t found in most homes

A luxury home isn’t just big, it usually comes with several jaw-dropping features that aren’t found in everyday homes. Features like a wet room, for example. A wet room is a seriously upgraded shower, with multiple shower heads, a bench to sit on or lie down, a steam feature, and a slatted teak floor to allow the water to drain.

Besides wet rooms, high-end homes in East Cape may come with home theatres, game rooms, or full-sized basketball courts.

  1. Room for toys

Affluent home buyers appreciate room for high-end cars and yachts. As a result, some of the most sought-after East Cape real estate includes luxury garages or super-yacht marinas. Some luxury homes can house dozens of high-end cars and come complete with hydraulic lifts, washing stations, and display areas.

For boat lovers, homes inside Costa Palmas have a private dock nestled in front of beachfront villas, which also feature captain’s quarters. (Pictured below).

East Cape real estate Captains quarters

Larger yachts have access to a superyacht marina, where boats up to 250-feet can dock.

  1. Drinks available on demand

High-end homes are known to have an area to entertain, which usually includes a bar. However, affluent buyers looking at East Cape real estate are more impressed by simplistic designs that incorporate wine and liquor in a less conspicuous way. Wine refrigerators are tucked inside outdoor kitchens or disguised as a nightstand in a master bedroom.

Of course, many high-end resort communities have on-site dining. For those who want to go out, a short walk to a beachside bar is an easy ask for signature cocktails and local brews.

  1. Privacy

Many luxury buyers aren’t just looking for home in a stunning location, they’re also looking for privacy. Buyers in this price bracket often include celebrities, sports icons, and millionaires who value their privacy.

High-end homes in East Cape offer just that. The location is about 40 minutes east of Cabo San Lucas, which is often known as the quieter side of the coast. The area has fewer developments, friendly people, and homes that are built with privacy in mind.

Privacy features go beyond a simple gate. Privacy is worked into the design, where tall shrubs provide natural barriers, bridges and water features create boundaries from neighbors, and state-of-the-art security measures are seamlessly woven throughout the grounds.

Many homes are defined as luxury estates, but when it comes to true luxury, East Cape real estate stands apart from the rest. The area’s pristine beauty coupled with high-end home features and amenities has created an ideal location for affluent buyers to invest in real estate.