How to Choose the Perfect Fishing Yacht Charter

Los Cabos has become the mecca of sportfishing. Every year thousands of anglers head to the area for a chance to catch the big one.

Some come to fish during their holiday while others come to compete in offshore fishing tournaments held near the luxurious 1500-acre Costa Palmas property in East Cape. Last year’s winner reeled in a 538 pound black marlin.

Whether you’re ready to compete or not, the best way to fish the Sea of Cortez is through a fishing yacht charter in Los Cabos. If you want to make a reservation, here’s how to find the right charter for you and your family:

  1. Private charter or shared?

    Are you looking for an exclusive trip for your family or are you okay sharing the day with another group or two?

    Private fishing yacht charters in Los Cabos are more expensive, but you’ll have the entire boat to yourself, be able to work with the crew one-on-one, and have a say in where you go.

    Shared tours are less expensive, but you’ll share the crew, and you’ll go to a set destination.

  2. Decide where to fish

    Your experience will differ based on where you fish. You can fish inshore, nearshore, offshore, and in the deep sea.

    • Inshore fishing is in shallow waters, usually just a mile or so from land. You’ll likely find small fish and calm waters.
    • Nearshore takes you about nine miles from shore, where the fish get bigger, the waters rougher, and you’ll aim for tasty bottom fish.
    • Offshore takes you so far out you won’t see land. You’ll go after large, fighting fish.
    • Deep-sea fishing takes you far away from land and into deep waters, and usually requires a larger boat with beefier equipment to reel in the big ones.
  3. Decide what fish you’re after

    Where you fish will likely be decided by what you want to fish for.

    For instance, if you have dreams of reeling in a swordfish, you’ll plan a deep-sea fishing trip. If you charter a private fishing yacht, you can customize the trip to the type of fish you want to hook. An experienced local guide knows exactly where to go, and will have the tackle and bait you need onboard.

    Private charters provide more flexibility to customize your trip. Besides tailoring your adventure to a certain species of fish, you can alter the schedule. Maybe you’d prefer to take an overnight trip so you can wake up early on the water and fish, or maybe you’d prefer to go out on a weekday rather than the weekend to avoid the crowds. Private charters offer more customization.

  4. Research charters

    Now, your research begins. If you plan to board a fishing yacht charter in Los Cabos, start searching for options near you. You’ll likely find dozens to choose from. To help narrow your search, consider these tips:

    • Get to know the captain

      To ensure a good trip, you need an experienced captain. As you research, look for the captain’s bio and read through his or her resume. Look for a captain who’s local, has a passion for fishing, and years of experience on the water. If you’re going after a certain kind of fish, see if it’s mentioned in the bio.

    • Learn about the boat and its necessary paperwork

      The charter’s site should discuss the boat you’ll be on. Even if you’re not an expert, look at:

      • Maximum capacity: Make sure your group can fit comfortably on the boat.
      • Length of boat: Above 22 feet is necessary for groups larger than four.
      • Onboard accommodations: Is there a bathroom? Bar? Snacks?
      • Year of the boat: Newer means more modern.

      You should also confirm the captain has a valid license, the proper permits, and insurance.

    • Ask the concierge for advice

      If you’re staying in a hotel, get recommendations from the concierge. Not only are they familiar with the local outfits, but they can also help you arrange transportation to the boat. Or, if you’re fortunate, the hotel may offer its own charters.

      Members of the Costa Palmas Yacht Club have their choice of fishing charters. Take the family out at sunrise or sunset for four hours and go after wahoo, grouper, dorado, tuna, and sailfish. Members can also try their hand at spearfishing, either along the reef or out in the blue waters where the sport fish dwell.

  5. Consider the cost

    As you might expect, a fishing yacht charter is expensive, but for many, the exclusive experience makes the cost worth it. Still, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. Ask what’s included in the cost, by asking these questions:

    • How long are you on the water?
    • Is fuel included?
    • Is bait included?
    • Are refreshments provided or are they extra?
    • Will the crew clean your catch?
    • Will the crew pack your catch so you can take it with you?

    Usually, fishing yacht charters charge a flat fee without many add-ons. Cheaper group charters tend to tack on extra fees as a way to make more money.

  6. Learn about cancelation rules

    If you book a fishing charter, you and your family will likely be full of anticipation. It’s an exciting trip, but remember, things can go wrong. One of your kids could get sick or you might get called back to work early. Because life happens, ask about the charter’s cancellation rules.

    Can you reschedule the trip without losing money? Can you get a refund if you cancel within a certain period of time?

    Ask these questions before you make a reservation.

    You should also ask about weather cancellations. If a storm cancels your trip, for example, what happens then?

    Whether you cancel or the charter company cancels, know the cancelation policy.

Fishing yacht charters in Los Cabos make for a great family adventure, so much so that you might find yourself making a return visit. And another. And another. If Los Cabos feels like your home away from home, consider exploring the real estate options inside Costa Palmas. Casa Blake, for example, offers iconic homes surrounded by the elegant restaurants and shops of the Marina Village. Learn more about Casa Blake today.

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