Your Guide to Scuba Diving in and Around East Cape

Looking for an amazing aquatic adventure? Try scuba diving on your next luxurious escape to Los Cabos.

Los Cabos is ideally situated where the marine-rich Sea of Cortez meets the massive Pacific Ocean. And it’s packed with opportunities for high-octane experiences unlike anywhere else.

If you’re planning to scuba dive in East Cape on your next grand getaway, visit these top spots for the ultimate underwater experience.

  1. Land’s End and The Arch

    Located at the southernmost tip of Baja California off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, this dive site is easily one of the most unique in the world.

    Immerse yourself in the opportunity to scuba dive in two bodies of water at once, at the exact spot where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.

    El Arco, or “The Arch,” is a stunning natural rock formation that has been carved by wind, water, and weather over many years.

    You can swim right through El Arco for jaw-dropping views of nature’s handiwork.

    El Arco makes for a picture-perfect selfie backdrop, and you will likely see colonies of sea lions sunning themselves on the nearby flat rock formation. These playful creatures are known to often interact with divers.

    Once beneath the surface of the shimmering turquoise waters, you can expect to spot fish like barracuda, tuna, and baitfish.

    Planning a visit during the warmer summer months? If so, you’re more likely to see large schools of now-nose rays and devil rays (small manta rays).

    1. Nürnberg Shipwreck Site

      Have a history buff in your crew? Land’s End is also home to the infamous Nürnberg shipwreck, which sits about 40 feet below the surface.

      Once considered completely lost, the American-German ship, which sank in February of 1954, remained mysteriously covered for many years. The intriguing wreckage wasn’t discovered until 2014, thanks to the aftermath of Hurricane Odile.

      This spot is perfect for scuba divers looking to add extra thrills to their exploration.

    2. Neptune’s Finger

      A definite highlight of scuba diving at Land’s End includes getting up close and personal with the two coral reefs of Neptune’s Finger.

      The reef extends from 15 feet at the top to a plummeting 500 feet down from the vertical wall.

      This rock formation boasts a beautiful array of colorful corals and tropical fish to feast your eyes upon. There are schools of snapper, sea turtles, and even a butterfly-fish cleaning station.

      Bigger fish like manta rays, schooling devil rays, yellowtails, amberjacks, and even Mola Molas (also known as sunfish) make appearances here.

      Neptune’s Finger also features the largest sand falls of the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park.

  2. North Wall

    An important part of what makes the North Wall a premiere diving spot is that it’s well-suited for divers of all skill and experience levels.

    Depths range from approximately 20 feet to 100 feet. So everyone from beginners to expert-level divers can enjoy the sights along this rugged, rock-covered slope.

    Scuba divers can look forward to seeing a plethora of sea creatures, including pufferfish, moray eels, and porcupine fish. Other exotic residents of the North Wall’s waters include flute fish, scorpionfish, spiny and slipper lobsters. And also seahorses, in the summer months.

    Your North Wall adventure awaits only five minutes by boat from the local dive shop.

  3. Cabo Pulmo

    When you’re planning an excursion to scuba dive in East Cape, Cabo Pulmo National Park is a must-see site.

    Let the Adventure Concierge at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas plan an epic trip for you–with no details left unplanned.

    Cabo Pulmo, which legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau called “the aquarium of the world,” lies just 45 minutes outside the opulent resort.

    The UNESCO World Heritage Marine site allows divers year-round and boasts great average water temperatures.

    As the oldest of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America, Cabo Pulmo is home to a menagerie of aquatic life–over 6,000 marine species, in fact. On your trip, you can expect to see hundreds of schooling jacks, sea lions, turtles, and grouper.

    Look closely, and you may even spy a sneaky reef shark stalking its prey nearby, adding to the many reasons underwater photographers flock to Cabo Pulmo to snap unbelievable shots.

    Larger inhabitants of the area include Humpback Whales, Mobulas, and Whale Sharks, the ocean’s “gentle giants,” as well as the biggest fish in the sea.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, venture just off the reef to catch a glimpse of the garden eels. They are known to stick their heads out of the sand just long enough to take a peek at human visitors.

  4. Pelican Rock

    You can’t call your scuba dive trip in East Cape complete without embarking on an adventure to Pelican Rock. Have your knowledgeable Costa Palmas Adventure Concierge book the excursion, a quick five to ten-minute boat ride from shore.

    Dive alongside a local expert ten feet below the surface on a sandy bottom to get things started. The ground then slowly slopes to 70 feet before dropping off a deep wall, which descends to 500 feet.

    Bask in the underwater beauty of one of the world’s most famous sandfalls at Pelican Rock, which sits at the top of the submarine canyon in approximately 90 feet of water.

    This special, protected site offers divers calm waters and a veritable smorgasbord of fish species to see. Prepare to be dazzled by large schools of snapper, sea bass, scorpion fish, porcupine fish, and puffer fish during your enchanting escape. You can also spot the likes of Moray eels, devil rays, electric and Cortez rays, and many more.

    Ideal for divers of all skill levels, Pelican Rock is also a great site for nighttime dives and snorkeling expeditions.

Fill your days with endless sun, fun, and breathtaking adventures on a regular basis. When you become an owner of a palatial waterfront property at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, every day is a new opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your nearest and dearest in paradise.

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