Why Luxury Resort-Residential Communities are Thriving in East Cape

Friday, August 6, 2021

Travelers love affair with Mexico’s beach life is no secret. Whether it’s spring break in Cabo or a visit to Playa del Carmen’s cenotes and Mayan ruins, or diving in Cozumel, Mexico is a vacationers paradise.

What is not so well known is the emerging popularity of Mexico’s secluded East Cape. Roughly an hour north of Cabo San Lucas, the beautiful East Cape is quickly becoming a hot spot for luxury resort style residences. The area lies in stark contrast to more popular and overcrowded cities, boasting white sandy beaches and pristine ocean waters perfect for deep sea fishing and diving, boating, and wind sports.

Surrounded by the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, the landscape of the East Cape has remained virtually untouched. The dramatic backdrop of mountains descending onto pristine beaches makes this up-and-coming location one of unique and unparalleled beauty. In addition, the constant flow of freshwater from the mountains supports the areas thriving organic farming community and farm-to-table food scene.

Within minutes of the East Cape, residents also enjoy close proximity to desert activities like ATV adventures, hiking, biking, and even camel rides to explore dunes, waterfalls and natural hot springs.

Other reasons for the area’s growing desirability include mostly sunny days with little rain, full-service marina access, non-stop or one-stop flights from many cities in the U.S. and Canada, along with world-class resorts properties with both short and long-term living options and amenities.

One such long-term residential option on the East Cape is the luxurious Costa Palmas resort. In addition to 5-star luxury residences, Costa Palmas is situated along two miles of white sand beaches perfect for swimming and water sports. The community boasts a marina can accommodate up to 250 yachts, an 18-hole golf course that overlooks the ocean, a yacht and beach club for members that includes a pool, movie theater, gym, horseback riding center, polo fields, walking paths, a kids club and several organic farms. Adventure guides are available to assist residents with local excursions including diving, hiking, and deep sea fishing.

When complete, the 1,000-acre Costa Palmas community will feature over 350 residences with contemporary design and elegance the blends three distinct styles combining stone, wood and glass. Step out of your bespoke home onto the warm sandy beaches and swimmable waters of the Sea of Cortez. Costa Palmas living is the luxury vacation experience that never ends.