Top 5 Reasons to Visit Los Cabos BCS

Is Los Cabos on your must-visit list? Every year an estimated three million tourists head to the area in search of sun and fun.

Los Cabos sits at the southern end of the Baja California Sur peninsula and includes the area between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Los Cabos BCS is a mecca of natural beauty, sandy beaches, and a vast array of activities fit for every visitor.

If you’re considering a trip to Baja California Sur, here are five reasons you should start booking your accommodations now:

  1. 1. Visit pristine, blue-flag beaches

    The beaches in Los Cabos are unparalleled. Sugary sand and sapphire waters offer the perfect setting for a relaxing day. Some of the most popular beaches, where celebrities tend to frequent, are Playa del Amor and Playa Chileno. Both locations are nestled inside granite rocks that give them a striking look.

    Natural beauty isn’t the only alluring feature either. Many of the beaches, including Playa Chileno, are Blue-Flag certified; an international symbol of a well-cared-for beach. If a blue flag is flying at a beach, it meets strict environmental, educational, and safety measures.

    There are 10+ beaches in Los Cabos BCS waving a blue flag. Acapulquito Beach, Santa Maria Beach, Las Viudas, and Hacienda Beaches are all on the list – just to name a few.

  2. 2. See pristine natural wonders

    The southern tip of Baja is home to a number of natural wonders. Cabo Pulmo National Park, for example, is a national marine park that offers premier snorkeling and scuba diving experiences. You can glide around a 250,000-year-old coral reef, swim with schools of fish, and watch giant sea turtles float through the water.

    Above water, one of the most iconic natural wonders to visit in Los Cabos BCS is El Arco or The Arch. Right where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet is a unique limestone formation that creates an arch of rock over the water. This site isn’t accessible by land, you’ll need to take a charter or a water taxi to see it.

    Just outside of Cabo is another natural phenomenon: A set of hot springs. El Chorro and Santa Rita Hot Springs offer a relaxing treat for weary travelers. El Chorro is more popular and you’ll travel on some dirt roads to get there. Santa Rita is a smaller site, but the bubbling bath is just as enticing.

    If you’re up for an adventure, travel into the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains to visit the site of a 25-foot waterfall. You’ll hike about a mile into the mountains to get there, but the view is worth the effort. If you’re feeling adventurous, jump in. Many thrill-seekers have taken the plunge into the open pool of water below.

  3. 3. Shop in vastly different settings

    From high-end boutiques to historic downtowns, Los Cabos BCS has several– wildly different – spots to shop. For boutique shops, Luxury Avenue is where it’s at. This row of stores near the Puerto Paraiso on the Cabo San Lucas Marina is the “golden zone” where luxury shoppers can pick up a new Fendi Bag or a Cartier watch.

    For the everyday tourist, Plaza del Pescador, an outdoor mall in San Jose del Cabo, has all the shops and restaurants you could want. The plaza is known for events too, like jazz nights so it’s a great place to shop and take in some live music.

    For an authentic shopping experience, walk along the art district in San Jose del Cabo. The city has some amazing galleries, bohemian restaurants, and unique cafes that simply add to the day. Be sure to visit Plaza Artesanos too. It’s a hotspot of local vendors selling authentic wares.

  4. 4. Stay in luxurious accommodations

    Los Cabos BCS has dozens upon dozens of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and unique accommodations. While there’s no shortage of lodging options, this area has some of the more prestigious resorts in the world.

    Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos, for example, is a premier resort with multiple pools, an expansive sports and activities center, spa treatments, and renowned restaurants that source food from an on-site organic farm.

    The resort, which is nestled in the peninsula’s East Cape, is an escape from the loud and busy Tourist Corridor. With two miles of swimmable beach, sportfishing fit for any angler, and a marina that can accommodate just about any size yacht, this lavish retreat is beyond a simple place to stay.

  5. 5. First-class activities

    Baja’s entire peninsula is lush with activities, but the Los Cabos BCS area has first-class activities in a centralized location. What kind of activities? Head over to East Cape to play a round of golf on a freshly-minted 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. This walkable course, with impressive Sea of Cortez views, is ideal for any level of player.

    If golf isn’t your fancy, there is no shortage of water activities along the coastline. Rent a pair of jet skis, charter a boat and fish for Marlin, or try kitesurfing. Los Barriles has a warm wind-swept climate that’s perfect for this rapidly growing sport. In this extreme activity, your feet are strapped to a board and you’re propelled over the ocean waves by a giant sail that’s connected to your body.

    If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground, opt for one of Baja’s oldest activities: An ATV tour. Hop on an ATV, kick up the dust on dirt roads, and see some of nature’s most secluded locations.

Los Cabos Baja California Sur has so much to offer. Whether you want to spend your vacation lounging on pristine beaches or want an action-packed getaway with hiking, kitesurfing, and scuba diving, the area will not disappoint – and neither will the accommodations. There are truly impressive resorts in Los Cabos that can cater to your every whim. Who knows, you might be one of the many people who decide to buy a vacation home there after just one visit.