Tips to Plan Your Holiday Trip to East Cape

Dreaming of a holiday getaway? You could spend Christmas on the sunny shores of East Cape or welcome a new year as you sip champagne in your private residence overlooking the Sea of Cortez.

Holidays in East Cape are filled with sun, sand, and celebrations, so why not start your search for the perfect getaway right now?

If your ready to plan your holiday trip to East Cape Los Cabos, you’ll be glad to know getting there is easy. It’s just a short distance from the iconic tourist city of Cabo, at the northern end of what’s known as the Los Cabos Corridor. Here’s what else you should consider:

  • Getting to East Cape

    If you arrive by plane, the Los Cabos International Airport is about 40 minutes from East Cape.

    Currently, Uber isn’t allowed to pick up guests from the airport, but you can take a cab. None of the cabs have meters, so you’ll ask the driver the cost to take you to your hotel before you put your luggage in the car. Bring cash, credit cards aren’t accepted.

    Some hotels offer an airport shuttle, which is something to consider as you make reservations.

    If you plan to drive to East Cape, make sure you have proof of registration and your ID, and put a special insurance policy on your car to cover your stay.

  • What to pack for your trip

    With tickets booked and visions of beach basking, it’s time to consider what to pack. Break out a suitcase and start gathering these must-have items:

    • Passport and a pen

      One of the most important items you’ll need on your trip is your passport. You can’t get into the country without it, so make sure you not only have it with you, but put it in a place that’s easily accessible.

      Add a pen to your carry-on, too. You’ll fill out paperwork on the plane to get through customs, so a pen is handy.

    • Waterproof phone case

      If you visit East Cape, you’ll be near the water. Whether you plan to lounge on a beach, go jet skiing, visit The Arch, or go on a fishing charter, your itinerary likely includes time spent on the Sea of Cortez. You’ll want to take pictures, so make sure you have a waterproof phone case. You can find many different varieties, but make sure it’s easy to use.

    • Beach attire

      Add several swimsuits to your suitcase, including one in your carry-on. If your checked bag gets lost, you can break a suit out of your carry-on so you can still enjoy the pool while you wait for your bag to arrive.

      Add other must-haves like sunglasses, sunblock, a visor or hat, and aloe, just in case you get a bit too much sun. You usually don’t need water shoes as most beaches have soft, sugary sand.

      Towel clips are a nice touch, too. You can clip your towel to your chair to keep it from being a crumpled, wet mess.

    • Comfortable shoes

      As you enjoy your holidays in East Cape, you’ll likely tour one (or several) of the beautiful cities around the area. San Jose del Cabo, for example, has cobblestone streets, cafes, and independent art galleries, and Santiago has several attractions like a zoo, botanical gardens, and Zorra Canyon.

    • Light layers

      The temperatures in East Cape are usually in the 80s. The hottest months are June-October, while the cooler months are December-March. Even though it’s fairly warm during the day, the morning and night can be cool. If you’re near water, there’s usually a good breeze, too, so it’s a good idea to bring a few pieces of clothing that have sleeves along with a light pair of pants.

    • Chafing balm

      Walking around in a wet suit or even a flowy dress can become a problem in tropical weather. To help avoid heat rash, bring some chafing balm with you to prevent this issue.

    • Small bills for tipping

      American currency is widely accepted in East Cape, so keep some with you for tips. Before you leave, consider getting smaller bills, like ones and fives, so you can easily tip wait staff and tour guides.

  • Prioritize your activities

    When you spend your holidays in East Cape, you can easily fill every day with activities.

    Before you go, review your options, make a list of the activities that you are interested in, and prioritize them. Remember not to overload your schedule and allow for plans to change. The weather, for example, could hinder your jet skiing tour, so be flexible.

    During the holidays, tours tend to book quickly, so consider booking early.

    As you browse various excursions, here are some of the most common options that East Cape visitors tend to explore:

    • The Arch

      A distinctive landmark outside of East Cape, The Arch sits at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The iconic granite formation is only accessible by boat, so you’ll need to book a ferry or a private charter to check it out.

    • Beaches

      Known for its calm waters, Medano Beach is a popular spot to visit because of its swimmable waters. Many of the beaches, especially those on the Pacific side of the peninsula, aren’t safe for swimming, so be sure to check with your hotel concierge before heading out.

      If you plan to stay at Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos, you have access to a two-mile stretch of swimmable beach that’s reserved for guests only.

    • Fishing charters

      The Sea of Cortez is a popular fishing locale. Locals and tourists alike love to hit the waters to reel in a variety of fish. It’s best to go out with a local charter so you can go directly to hot spots and avoid protected waters.

      You can also find restaurants that will cook your fresh catch for you. The crew can make recommendations if you’re interested.

    • Golf

      If you’re a golfer, there is no shortage of courses to play. You can find public and private courses with pristine views. The Costa Palmas Golf Club is one of East Cape’s newest additions. Designed by Robert Trent Jone Jr., the 18-hole course is described as an “emerald symphony.”

After you spend the holidays in East Cape, you might be tempted to stay. Casa Blake, a luxe and free-spirited community within Costa Palmas, could be your new home. Request a floor plan today.

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Set at the edge of the Sea of Cortéz, Costa Palmas is a dramatic landscape…and a home. Costa Palmas is a unique invitation to elemental luxury and spirited adventure on a calm blue sea of dreams. Resort amenities include:

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  • Marina and Marina Village
  • Robert Trent Jones II designed world-class 18-hole Golf Course, and a Golf Practice Facility
  • Organic farms, orchards and an estuary
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