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Sustainability and Community Impact: A Year with Fundación Costa Palmas

As we celebrate the inaugural year of Fundación Costa Palmas’s impactful presence in La Ribera and Cabo del Este, we had the privilege of sitting down with Ruth Gurría, the Director of Fundación Costa Palmas. With a mission to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, the region’s natural wealth, and the overall development of the community, the foundation’s commitment to sustainability and improving the quality of life for local residents is both commendable and inspiring. In this interview, Ruth Gurría shares insights into the foundation’s achievements, goals, and the challenges they’ve encountered during their first year of operation.

What have been the most significant achievements of the Costa Palmas Foundation in its first year of operation and how have they impacted the local community?

In our inaugural year of operation, two notable achievements stand out. First, we successfully obtained all the necessary permits and authorizations from SAT (Tax Administration Service), establishing ourselves as an authorized association eligible for tax deductions on donations. Second, we’ve bridged the gap between Costa Palmas and the surrounding community. Through projects in education, environmental conservation, and social structure enhancement, we’ve fostered collaboration with the local community, executing various projects that bring benefits to children, youth, and the entire community.

Can you provide concrete examples of programs or projects that the Foundation has implemented to improve the quality of life for the local population?

In 2023, we’ve focused on four significant projects. We’ve initiated an Environmental Education program in La Ribera and Santiago’s public schools. Additionally, our sea turtle conservation program has achieved remarkable success this year, surpassing previous nest protection and turtle release numbers. A successful sterilization program for local dogs and cats has brought contentment to the community. One of my favorite programs involves improving public spaces. Through material donations from various construction companies and architects, we’ve enhanced existing public spaces. We believe that by improving these areas, we create safe spaces for children to enjoy, engage in sports, and socialize.

We are committed to building stronger bonds and fostering a sense of shared purpose.

How does the Foundation ensure the long-term sustainability of its projects?

Ensuring sustainability means addressing the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental, and economic. Socially, we maintain close contact with communities to understand their needs and work from there. Environmentally, we prioritize responsible project development based on local conditions. The economic aspect involves education, where we offer training and education programs that empower individuals to enhance their skills and improve their quality of life in the job market.

What is the Foundation’s vision for the future development of La Ribera and its surroundings?

The Foundation’s vision is to continue working responsibly with the La Ribera community and the villages of Cabo del Este. We aim for each engagement to be marked by empathy and awareness, recognizing the community’s generosity towards Costa Palmas.

How does the Foundation promote active community participation in decision-making and project execution?

We believe it’s crucial that projects arise from genuine community needs and are shared with the local population. For example, when we rehabilitated a park in Santa Cruz, we conducted multiple sessions with community members, including parents, students, teachers, and local officials. They shared their vision for the park, which informed the architect’s proposal. We encourage involvement through volunteering and open communication.

How is the Foundation funded, and what are the primary sources of income for its projects?

The Foundation relies on diverse income sources, with a highlight being our inaugural fundraising dinner this year. With 110 guests, featuring auctions and local artists, the event not only generated funds but also enriched the social fabric of the community. Jason Grosfeld, the founder of Costa Palmas, has played a crucial role in the Fundación’s growth, providing invaluable support and prioritizing foundation activities over the years.

Costa Palmas members actively contribute through donations and volunteer their time in various projects. As well as Four Seasons Los Cabos, who have contributed to the foundation in so many different ways.  We also foster engagement from Costa Palmas employees, suppliers, and collaborators, who generously contribute time, materials, and resources to support our foundation. Particularly successful is our Career Day program, where Costa Palmas employees visit schools to inspire children. This initiative exemplifies the commitment of our entire social ecosystem—comprising employees, foundation staff, members, and suppliers—to ensure the Foundation serves as a collaborative space for efforts benefiting the La Ribera and Cabo del Este communities, addressing evolving needs.

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