Costa Palmas


Another Successful Fundraising Event for Fundación Costa Palmas

The second annual fundraising dinner proved to be another remarkable success for Fundación Costa Palmas. Held at the Nursery at Costa Palmas, the event saw an impressive turnout of nearly 130 attendees, including suppliers, businesses partnering with Costa Palmas in construction, landscaping, and more, as well as Costa Palmas staff and members of the local community.

Local radio personality Marco Mora served as the master of ceremonies, overseeing a lively auction featuring over 20 items. Among the highlights were exclusive stays and spa treatments at Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, rounds of golf at Costa Palmas, a stay at Ola Baja—a stunning beach house on the East Cape graciously donated by team members of Costa Palmas—, limited edition tequila bottles, captivating photography work, and much more.

Close to 1M pesos (approximately 60k USD) were raised through the generous bids of attendees. 100% of these funds will be allocated to Fundación’s projects in Social Development, environmental conservation, and social infrastructure, consistent with its longstanding mission.

During the event, Fundación Costa Palmas shared a compelling video showcasing its impact in the communities of La Ribera, Santiago, and Miraflores. Attendees were presented with data illustrating the achievements made possible through their support: improvements to 10,000 square meters of educational, public, and recreational spaces; the release of over 45,000 turtles; 10,500 in-kind donations; 1,000 educational hours; and English classes provided to 150 community members at all levels.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to all who attended, with anticipation for their presence at future fundraising events. The success of the second annual fundraising dinner, along with the generosity of the Costa Palmas members who graciously donate funds or hours of volunteering in special projects, underscores the collective commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need within the local community.

Thank you!

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