The First Mango Harvest at Costa Palmas

Under the warm embrace of Baja’s sun, a day of pure delight unfolded as we ventured into the fields alongside Fabiola Ceseña, Agricultural Manager at Costa Palmas, and her dedicated team. With morning rays painting the scene, we embarked on a journey of mango harvesting.

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This inaugural harvest marks a significant milestone, as Costa Palmas acquired the 3-hectare plot a few months ago and has since been meticulously tending to its revival – from cleaning and weeding to enhancing irrigation. This picturesque expanse, boasting fertile soil and framed by mountain vistas, lies just moments away from the Costa Palmas resort. Home to approximately 1000 mango trees and 200 avocado trees, the latter eagerly awaiting their turn in December and January, the land hums with anticipation.

Timed for the late days of August and early September, the mango harvest aligns with the heart of summer. The yield is expected to range from 500 to 800 boxes – each weighing around 25 kg. These succulent Kent variety mangos find their way to the Costa Palmas Beach Club, to be enjoyed by our members and guests, as well as Mozza at the Marina Village. The surplus is thoughtfully shared among our dedicated staff and sold in Santiago, with proceeds reinvested in the ranch for continuous improvement. Post-harvest, the land will be nurtured with fertilization, and the trees meticulously pruned in preparation for another bountiful season ahead.

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As we relish these delightful mangos, we look forward to the forthcoming avocado harvest in 2023. The journey continues, nurtured by the land, sun, and shared appreciation for nature's bounties.
Friday, August 18, 2023