Introducing Costa Palmas’ New Yacht Club Manager

Originally from London, UK, and raised in Lugano, Switzerland, Francesca Greco’s contagious energy for the Yacht Club is truly captivating, as she envisions the Costa Palmas marina’s boundless potential. After thoroughly exploring the realm of hospitality management during her university years, she took a bold step in 2020 by joining Floating Life, a prestigious boutique yacht management company, based in Switzerland, as a yacht broker.

An unexpected opportunity to delve into the yacht brokerage sphere followed suit. “The world of yachting was unfamiliar territory for me, yet it seamlessly intertwined with the realm of hospitality,” confesses Greco. “My goal at Costa Palmas is to establish an activity hub centered around boats.” Greco explains, “Currently, the marina stands at approximately 40% completion and already boasts a fuel station and available slips.”

Greco attributes her yachting expertise to the nurturing guidance of Floating Life, who took her under their wing and acquainted her with the intricacies of the yachting industry, predominantly within the Mediterranean. “They introduced me to shipyards in Italy and facilitated connections with well-established brokers,” recalls Greco, a polyglot fluent in Italian, English, German, French, and Spanish. “I also had the privilege of attending prestigious events like the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows, as well as Metstrade in Amsterdam.”

The allure of Baja gripped Greco during a vacation with her boyfriend Leo when they visited Costa Palmas. “The resort mentioned the yacht club division, which immediately captured my attention,” she recollects. This past winter, she received an enticing offer to join the Costa Palmas Yacht Club. Her response was unequivocal: a resounding yes. Leo integrated into Costa Palmas’ membership services, while Greco fervently began formulating her distinct vision for the yacht club’s future.

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The East Cape of Baja sets an idyllic stage for Greco’s aspirations. “When I embarked on this journey, I was completely unaware of the treasures the Sea of Cortez holds,” she reveals. Since then, she has orchestrated Costa Palmas’ participation in the annual Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament, charting a course on an 80-foot Viking yacht. Her aim? To thrust the marina into the spotlight of the boating realm.

"While a physical structure is yet to take shape, we are cultivating an ambiance of yachts and yachting pursuits.”

In terms of activities, Costa Palmas has already boasted several offerings. “The two-hour sunset cruises are a feast for the senses,” Greco enthuses. “Moreover, the morning snorkel cruises cater to families and children.” On the horizon, she plans to introduce SCUBA diving lessons and potentially establish a sailing school.

The arrival of several new vessels to Costa Palmas is imminent. “Recently, the brand-new 2023 Trimaran named Lambo joined us, available for both members and guests to relish for a year,” she announces. “By the end of October, it will be accompanied by two splendid super yachts.”

Aerial view of a snorkel cruise. Most private excursions in Baja are led by experienced local guides
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Greco envisions these vessels as transformative elements for the Yacht Club experience. “They will offer an unparalleled experience for families and friends to explore the abundant offerings of Baja, a true asset for members on extended sojourns.” Overnight excursions will heighten the allure of these ventures. “While the East Cape is captivating, venturing north reveals breathtaking islands where encounters with sea lions and whale sharks await.”

As an avid explorer herself, Greco eagerly infuses the Yacht Club with innovative concepts. “In my view, there is simply no superior way to discover Baja than by boat.” The resonance of her vision is evident in the feedback garnered from Costa Palmas’ members and visitors alike.

Friday, August 25, 2023