An afternoon at the Secret Garden with Chef Nancy Silverton

Recipes Made From Real, Lasting Ingredients

Some secrets are meant to be shared. Nancy Silverton, renowned chef and owner of Mozza Restaurants –including Mozza Baja at the Costa Palmas Marina Village-, knows as much. With a few twists of her own, Silverton demonstrated the preparation of Panzanella for her guests, an Italian and Umbrian salad made traditionally of bread, onion, and tomatoes.

“Don’t look at me—look around me,” Silverton invited, gesturing to the surrounding Secret Garden of Costa Palmas. “This is a sensational, beautiful garden and today I’ve picked a simple little dish that we serve at La Osteria, and it uses the tomatoes and the fennel and all the beautiful herbs of the garden.”

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Costa Palmas guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers while Silverton revealed how to make her restaurant’s version of the dish, which was as beautiful as it was savory and complex.

50% of the proceeds of the event went to Fundación Costa Palmas, which focuses on providing resources for the local community. “I hope you all know your generosity in coming today,” Silverton stated, thanking her guests, and reiterating that the organization “does so many wonderful things for the La Ribera community.”

It is safe to say that the Meet, Greet & Eat with Nancy Silverton was a lovely success, and brought to light how the ordinary things of this world—such as gardens, food, and connection—can create the most extraordinary of experiences.

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Monday, April 17, 2023