Life at Costa PalmasTM

This Journal documents the experiences, activities and adventures of our team, guests, homeowners and visitors. If this is your first time visiting, start with our introduction and then dive in. Thank you for joining us on our spirited adventure.

News & Updates

A Day of Celebration at Costa Palmas

It was a day of pride as Costa Palmas celebrated the school age participants of the, “Aprende, Cultiva, Come y Vamos” education program. Approxima

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A Day Trip to El Triunfo

A Costa Palmas Spotlight Baja California Sur abounds with culture with an array of small towns and communities filled with artisans who make up the vi

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Field of Learning

Recently we joined Chef Gonzalo in the Costa Palmas community garden as he was gathering fresh ingredients . This one-acre parcel of land features a d

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Mind + Body + Environment Connection at Costa Palmas

With the Sea of Cortes as the backdrop, Costa Palmas is the ideal place to reconnect, recharge and experience peacefulness. As the senses absorb the n

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Beach Activities

Witnessing a Wonder of Nature

Turtle Release at Costa Palmas Sea turtles first arrived in Baja more than 200 million years ago and have since made the annual journey back to the wa

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Hiking & Biking

Adventure awaits. Go find it.

Inspired by the simple notion that Adventure awaits… The Costa Palmas Aventura Team creates expeditions that will help you find the adventure that y

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