Is Yachting Right for You?

Is yachting right for you? What could be more magical than setting sail on a magnificent watercraft? The yachting lifestyle is one of effortless elegance that puts the world at your fingertips.

Yachting offers discerning travelers a unique, luxurious experience–but is it a match for your lifestyle and expectations?

When docking your yacht or chartering a boat at the Marina Village at Costa Palmas, let’s take a look at what to consider when you’re wondering if the yachting life is right for you.

  • Discover new people, places, and cultures

    Yacht life means being able to pick up and explore new sights and surroundings whenever the mood strikes. If you’re a restless spirit, or someone who enjoys learning more about the world around you, yachting is a way to satisfy your wanderlust.

    The Cabo area is a popular destination for yachters for many reasons. The unique landscape, including beaches, mountains, dense forests, and waterfalls, are rife with opportunities for adventure.

    You can also immerse yourself in local culture by visiting one of several charming towns on the coast.

    • Todos Santos

      Todos Santos is known for its picturesque white sand beaches, strong surf, and art galleries. The Sierra de la Laguna mountain range makes a beautiful backdrop for your visit. Boutique hotels, quaint shops, and charming cafes will make you feel like you’ve stepped back into simpler times.

    • Santiago

      Santiago is a rustic ranching town with plenty to see and do.

      Get in touch with nature when you hike to the gorgeous Cascada Sol de Mayo waterfall, where you can swim or dive into clear mountain water. Go horseback riding on the beach or feast on fresh seafood at one of the al fresco eateries in town.

      Located in the town plaza is a historic church and museum filled with local fossils and artifacts.

      The exterior walls of the buildings are painted with colorful murals depicting the area’s vibrant history.

    • El Triunfo

      Step off your yacht and be transported back in time in the tiny mountain town of El Triunfo. Once home to bustling gold and silver mines is a much quieter, laid-back version of its eventful past.

      Visit the Silver Route Museum and check out the simulated mine, interactive films, and exhibits to delight your inner history buff.

  • Enjoy a sense of safety and privacy

    One of the biggest attractions of yacht life is the amount of privacy and security you feel. Adrift on the ocean, you’ll feel worlds away from worrying about uninvited guests or neighbors infringing on your plans.

    You don’t need to be concerned with closing curtains and blinds or locking the doors at night, either. You’re free to feel serene and secure within your personal oasis.

    While safety and security are very valuable aspects of yacht life, you may want to mingle with others from time to time.

    When you feel like taking your holiday out on dry land, dock your yacht at Marina Village, the exclusive port-of-call at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas. At Marina Village, you can step right off your yacht and enjoy shopping, dining, and socializing in a variety of settings.

    Choose from casual and fine dining options to suit your mood and satisfy your cravings. An outdoor lounge, nightclub, and fire pit are perfect for spending quality time gathered with your friends and family.

  • Tap into your adventurous side.

    From watersports, sightseeing, and onshore exploring, you can design each day to be different from the one before.

    Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or simply hoping to tap into your adventurous side, Cabo has something for you.

    • Get carried away with windsports

      Thanks to the strong El Norte winds, the East Cape draws visitors from all across the globe to take advantage of activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding.

      The peak season for enjoying these windy weather activities is during the winter months, from about mid-November to mid-March, when the winds are strongest.

    • Enjoy fantastic fishing

      Cabo is a mecca for fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

      The Sea of Cortez is home to a plethora of fish species, including sierra mackerel, grouper, sea bass, roosterfish, and sailfish, just to name a few. Drop anchor and fish wherever your yacht takes you, or charter a fishing boat and head to a local hotspot for finding the best catch in the sea.

      Feeling competitive? Fishing rodeos are held several times throughout the year. Show off your skills and possibly take home a hefty cash prize.

    • Go off-roading or zip-lining

      You can’t beat the stunning scenery of the East Cape. Rent an ATV, UTV, or buggy (and a local tour guide) and head out to explore. Watch as the landscape changes to stretches of desert.

      Look out for sightings of horses, cattle, and authentic cowboys on ranches.

      Zip-line through a thick canopy of trees for an unparalleled, up-close-and-personal look into Cabo’s breathtaking sights.

  • Simplify your life

    If you’re looking to “declutter” your life, yachting is a surefire way to streamline your possessions and your routine.

    Think of adopting a yachting lifestyle as a “reset” button. Clear your head and redefine your purpose aboard the luxury vessel, where everything you need is already on board.

    A stellar yacht crew is trained to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime, and will procure anything you could possibly want or need.

    Does your version of focusing on the simpler things mean spending more time with loved ones? When friends or family join you, yachts offer plenty of places to entertain everyone on board.

    From hosting dinner parties with a panoramic ocean view to exercising on deck and getting pampered with spa treatments, yachts have the space and staff to do it all–in high style.

    Cater to your company with customized, world-class service tailored to suit your every desire.

    The best part? You can leave the heavy lifting to your crew.

    The hustle and bustle of planning, cooking, decorating, and double-checking details will be expertly handled without adding any stress to your plate.

    With stunning scenery, laid-back, decadent surroundings, and endless adventures to explore, Cabo is easily the best-kept secret on the East Cape.

    What are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity to call paradise your home. Become an owner of luxurious oceanfront property at Marina Village.