How to Pack for Your Next Yachting Trip in Los Cabos

Not sure how to pack for a trip to Los Cabos? Few luxury experiences in life can surpass chartering a yacht, whether it’s for a day, a weekend, or a week. Frequent visitors to Los Cabos already know that the weather holds few surprises, making an ocean voyage a near “sure thing” in terms of sunshine and manageable winds.

With poor weather unlikely to be a factor and an experienced crew at the helm, you’ll be free to focus your attention on relaxation, sightseeing, and adventure. What you pack will depend on your planned activities in and around Los Cabos.

Do you plan to snorkel at Cabo Pulmo National Park? Shop at Marina Village at Costa Palmas? Do some deep-sea fishing? Explore the desert terrain by ATV or trails by horseback? Will your group be disembarking for seaside fine dining or taking in the arts and culture of Los Barriles?

There’s no limit to the variety of activities you can enjoy on a chartered yacht in Los Cabos. Although the captain can help guide you in planning, the timeline, seafaring adventures, and land-based exploration are yours to determine.

To help you pack for your upcoming yachting trip, here are some considerations for clothing, accessories, and gear you might need.

  1. Bring the right footwear

    Depending on the length of your trip and the activities on your agenda, footwear could be one of your biggest focal points for your yachting trip.

    For your time on the deck, you’ll need non-slip shoes with non-marking soles, such as moccasins. Any kind of boating shoes—light-colored rubber soles that won’t scuff the deck but tend to grip well, even on wet fiberglass — are ideal.

    Flip-flops and sandals are also good options as they’re very comfortable and allow water to drain. Leave the high heels for the fancy dinner ashore.

    If you plan to do any exploring on rocky coastline or near coral, plan to pack water shoes. Likewise, land-based exploration in the city, desert, or mountains will require different footwear, such as hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes or sneakers.

    It’s worth noting that many yacht charters enforce a barefoot rule inside to prevent street shoes from damaging or dirtying the floors. Not comfortable being barefoot? Bring socks or new slippers.

  2. Pack everyday clothing

    First things first: bring several bathing suits. You may find yourself swimming in the morning, scuba diving in the afternoon, and sitting in the yacht’s hot tub at night. There’s nothing worse than putting on a wet bathing suit! You’ll also want to pack a sarong or some other type of cover-up for those between-swim strolls on the boardwalk when you go ashore.

    Choose quick-dry fabrics for function and lightweight breathable fabrics, such as linen, to beat the heat in style. Men should consider packing at least one collared shirt, such as a polo, and one long-sleeve button-up shirt and dress slacks for dining establishments that have a stricter dress code.

    Be sure to pack clothes that you can comfortably layer, as the evenings can get a bit chillier, especially when you factor in wind. Think sweaters, which you can tie around your waist or shoulders for that walk on the beach until the sun goes down, or a light shawl or jacket.

  3. Bring dress attire

    Los Cabos has a wide range of dining offerings that span the gamut from street fare and cafés to family-style restaurants and fine dining. For those who are accustomed to the finer things in life, it’s worth making a reservation at one of the many restaurants run by award-winning chefs.

    You’re not likely to find a lot of requirements for jackets and ties in Los Cabos restaurants, though some of the yacht clubs will have dress codes. When in doubt, you can call in advance once you solidify your itinerary.

    While some restaurants have a “casual beach” dress code (no swimsuits, but strappy sundresses or shorts and sandals are fine), some luxury establishments will have a “casual-elegant” dress code. For men, this typically means dress pants, a collared shirt, and closed-toed shoes. For women, a dress, skirt, or dress pants is required.

    Even if you don’t plan to go ashore to dine, you may want to pack something a bit dressier if you’ve hired a personal chef to cater on the yacht. An elegant dinner under the stars may feel extra special for everyone if you set the tone with your attire.

  4. Pack these non-clothing essentials

    There are plenty of essentials you’ll need to pack beyond shorts, sundresses, and khaki pants. Wide-brimmed hats (preferably with a strap to prevent them from blowing away in the wind) will help shield your face from the sun. Women may want to consider packing headbands or head scarves to protect their hair and keep it out of their faces while at cruising speeds.

    A good pair of sunglasses is essential as they’ll protect your eyes from UV rays and glare. If you plan to wear them during any water-sports, such as jet skiing or tubing, or while riding horseback or on ATVs, pick up a strap to prevent them from falling off or getting lost.

    You’ll also need to ensure you’ve got your travel documents, identification, and cash for potential stops along your trip.

    A few optional items to make your trip more enjoyable or prevent you from making last-minute trips to the shops include binoculars, a waterproof camera, and a travel-size stain stick. Although some yachts will come standard with an iron, consider packing a portable steam to touch up those wrinkles as necessary.

    Last but not least, pack plenty of waterproof biodegradable sunscreen, aloe vera for the inevitable sunburn, and aspirin or some other form of pain relief. Even well-traveled visitors tend to underestimate the sun when deciding how to pack for Los Cabos. And going in and out of the water can quickly erode even waterproof sunscreen.

  5. Pack pet essentials

    Bringing your fur baby on board the yacht? You’ll want to prepare as best as possible to ensure that Fido or Fifi stays safe, calm, and comfortable throughout the duration of the voyage.

    On the yacht, they’ll need their food, the food and water dishes, their dog bed, favorite toys or comfort items,any medications, and potentially, pee pads for those longer stretches between stops in which they could need to go to the bathroom.

    If your dog is used to paddle-boarding with you or simply enjoys the water, be sure to pack a canine flotation device with a harness to make it easier to lift them in and out of the water.

    Will your pet go ashore with you at any point on the trip? If so, they’ll need a leash as well as a collar with identification tags. With the surface temperature of sand and pavement getting to dangerous levels, be sure to pack dog booties to keep their paws protected.

    Keep copies of your dog’s paperwork onboard on the off chance you need to show proof of vaccines.

Pack these essentials for your next yacht trip and you’ll want for nothing on your adventure!

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