East Cape Baja’s Best Outdoor Activities!

Los Cabos is a premier destination for travelers seeking escape. Miles of pristine blue oceans and a diverse variety of options for exploration make the Southern Baja Peninsula feel like a hidden gem to all who visit. As travel restrictions begin to lift, many are looking for a getaway where they can find ultimate seclusion and East Cape Baja seems to offer the ideal refuge.

Located on a 70-mile coastal arc of land running along the Sea of Cortez, most of the beaches are uncrowded as they require accessing dirt roads in the backcountry. Visiting East Cape Baja offers a more local experience away from the crowds of tourists. If you are seeking a true place for solace and escape in the outdoors East Cape Baja will be your ultimate destination. We are going to highlight a variety of outdoor activities to help unlock the unmatched adventure of the East Cape.

The Best Outdoor Activities in East Cape Baja

1. Endless Surfing

Surfing on Cabo's East Cape

Whether you are learning or an experienced surfer; The Sea of Cortez offers year-round surfing. Wave-riders come from around the world to go surfing in the clear blue waves. In fact, many pros consider the waves on the East Cape to be some of the best for the ride of a lifetime. More experienced surfers should try spots like Cerritos and Middles.

Even if you are not a pro you can have a blast navigating the Baja waves on your board. For beginners, some of the best spots to try would be La Fortuna or Zippers. However, if you are new to the sport is best to go with a guide so they can provide optimal direction and point out any safety hazards.

2. Diverse Fishing

SportFishing in East Cape

Fishing is one of the most sought-after activities in the Sea of Cortez. In fact, East Cape Baja is known for having some world’s best-striped marlin, dorado and yellowfin action! Visitors can walk the sands and go surf fishing to target beautiful roosterfish and jack crevalle. There are also a variety of pelagic species that can be caught right from the shoreline and out five miles from the coast including grouper, sailfish, and tuna.

Most hotels and outfitters offer guided fishing tours or resources to join larger groups for fishing cruises. However, there are many opportunities to enjoy a fully secluded experience. You can fish from a kayak or rent a small “panga”, a mid-sized fishing boat, to see what you can reel in yourself.

3. Thrilling Kiteboarding

Windsurfing East Cape

A small East Cape town of Los Barriles has become a renowned Windsurfing spot for thrill-seekers across the globe. Even if you are not a pro, local outfitters can hook you and your family up with lessons and gear. The best time to windsurf in the East Cape is between November-March when the “El Norte” winds sweep through the area and create a consistent 15 to 30 mph breeze.

4. Fun-filled ATV Tours

ATV Beach Tours Cabo's East Cape

If you are seeking a ‘classic’ Baja experience, then you will need to book an ATV tour. The essence of East Cape Baja tourism is rooted in fishing and exploring the terrain with ATV tours. In fact, many locals still use ATVs to get around on the island since the East Cape’s terrain is in the rugged backcountry.

The best part of the ATV tours in Baja is that you do not need to be a thrill seeker to enjoy them. A variety of local outfitters provide ATV tours to fit any liking. Visitors can take specific tours based on their interests, including bird-watching tours or mountain tours.

5. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Baja's East Cape
The Sea of Cortez is not only home to a large variety of fish, but it is also packed full of unique ocean life. There is an entire underwater world waiting to be discovered in East Cape Baja. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner you will be able to enjoy the diverse sea life of the East Cape.

Visitors can dive year-round, but the months between June and November offer the best visibility. Cabo Pulumo has been noted as one of the prime diving spots due to its long-living coral reefs. However, local outfitters can help you access a variety of dive spots, lessons, and gear.

6. Prime Golfing

Golf Club in East Cape

East Cape Baja is known throughout the world for its endless beauty. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is one of the prime destinations for golfing. In fact, it has been dubbed as “The Golf Capital of Mexico.” There are more than a dozen champion golf courses located throughout the East Cape and each offers a unique and diverse experience.

One of the most popular courses in East Cape Baja is the Robert Trent Jones, Jr. golf course located in the Costa Palmas resort community. The breathtaking course faces the Sea of Cortez and boasts incredible views. However, visitors can locate local outfitters to find the course that fits their ideal vision.

7. Relax on the Beach

Enjoying the beach in East Cape Baja

It may sound funny and a bit too simple, but one of the best things to do in East Cape Baja is to relax on the beach with a drink in your hand. There are a variety of gorgeous white sandy beaches and miles of idyllic blue ocean to explore and retreat.

The beaches in East Cape Baja are most often secluded, and if you are likely they may even be deserted. Many of the beaches can only be accessed by taking a dirt road, but you will certainly find tranquility when you reach them. East Cape Beach, Playa Anonima, and Playa Higuera are great beaches to try.

8. Explore the Culture

Dancers in East Cape Baja

East Cape Baja is ripe with culture and there is no better way to take it all in than exploring the area. The small towns throughout the area offer something unique for each person visiting. Los Barriles’s downtown area offers some of the best food, drinks, and shopping.

If your aim is to stay fully mellow you can take a sunset yoga class in Los Barriles, go paddleboarding in the small town of La Ribera, or check out the National Marine Park in Cabo Pulmo. No matter what your interests are, be sure to connect with the locals and take the time to experience the unique and diverse culture of the Southern Baja Peninsula.

There is a long and seemingly endless list of outdoor activities to experience in East Cape Baja. Once you experience the seclusion and relaxation of the East Cape you will find yourself longing for a visit in the nearer future. Whether you are seeking a vacation rental of end of wanting to look into the prime real estate opportunities available. Check out these impressive East Cape homes for sale.

Where elemental luxury meets a sea of dreams

Set at the edge of the Sea of Cortéz, Costa Palmas is a dramatic landscape…and a home. Costa Palmas is a unique invitation to elemental luxury and spirited adventure on a calm blue sea of dreams. Resort amenities include:

  • A world-class Beach & Yacht Club
  • Marina and Marina Village
  • Robert Trent Jones II designed world-class 18-hole Golf Course, and a Golf Practice Facility
  • Organic farms, orchards and an estuary
  • Aventura Adventure Planning and Guides
  • Bespoke Shopping
  • Sports Park

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