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Blog  |  Friday, May 3, 2019

New East Cape Baja Homes for Sale

With its balmy weather, oceanfront property, and picture-perfect landscape, Los Cabos on Baja’s East Cape has become the place to buy a home. You won’t want to miss looking into the East Cape Baja homes for sale.

With a recent 21% growth in real estate, experts say the location is poised for even bigger growth in the coming years. It has become the ultimate getaway for elite homebuyers looking for the perfect combination of elemental luxury and spirited adventure.

The East Cape, a small stretch of land inside Los Cabos, is quickly becoming a marvel of high-end homes coupled with unbeatable amenities and landscapes, making it a highly sought-after location to own a home.

To help guide your search for the perfect house, be it a primary residence or a vacation house, here are a few things every potential home buyer should know about East Cape Baja homes for sale:

Where is the East Cape region?

For starters: a quick geography lesson. The East Cape is part of Los Cabos, a sun-drenched spot situated at the southern tip of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. The area known as East Cape sits between La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo.

For those more familiar with the Baja landscape, East Cape consists of land east of San Jose del Cabo along the Sea of Cortez, to the north of Punta Pescadero and Los Barriles – all of which are popular fishing spots.

The area, which encapsulates a 19-mile stretch of turquoise water and white sandy beach known as Bahia las Palmas, is an up-and-coming area that’s welcoming luxurious new developments and vitality to the area every day.

What to Look for in East Cape Homes

If you’re in the market for a slice of island-like paradise, here’s what you should consider before beginning your search for the perfect East Cape home:

Beachfront property

Many East Cape homes overlook the Sea of Cortez. The dreamy landscape, covered with sugary sand and infinite ocean views, is often the biggest draw for homebuyers. If owning beachfront or oceanfront property is a must-have, you won’t be disappointed with East Cape homes.

While there are many beachfront homes in Cabo, the East Cape region is not only beautiful, but it’s also home to one of the most luxurious beach and yacht clubs the area has to offer, known as the Costa Palmas Beach and Yacht Club.

Not only can you relax on the beach and enjoy endless sunshine, but members can enjoy a variety of adventure-filled tours and trips that are all coordinated right at the club. The combination of beachfront property and a membership to a prestigious beach club ensures that every visit is a memorable one.

Desired landscape

Many of properties in Cabo, especially those in the touristy stretch known as the Cabo Corridor, sit on sloped ocean-side land. In other words, the homes have jaw-dropping views of the ocean, but getting down to the water isn’t easy. Homes often sit atop a hill or are built into a hillside.

However, there are properties that offer flat acreage, which means you can easily walk out your door and put your feet in the sand. As you work with a real estate agent, keep this mind. If you want more than a breathtaking view, look into developments with flat acreage.

Property that embraces life on the water

Do you own a yacht? On the East Cape, there’s as much action on the water as there is on land.

The East Cape is home to renowned fishing spots, where enthusiasts young and old go to snag dorado, sail fish, and marlin. In fact, the entire Los Cabos area is known as the Marlin Capital of the World.

The oldest coral reef on the west coast of North America is also located in Cabo as well. The Chileno Reef, Cabo Pulmo, and Santa Maria Cove offer a protected sanctuary for rare fish and marine life. Snorkeling, diving, and whale watching are all popular activities for visitors and residents alike.

A yacht provides the opportunity to effortlessly enjoy the Sea of Cortez, but it’s also something you have to plan for when buying a home. You’ll need access to a high-end marina with the capability to dock and store megayachts.

The Costa Palmas Beach and Yacht Club offer a stunning 250-slip deep water marina with the ability to house yachts up to 250 feet long.

Vast nearby amenities

When you’re buying a home, you want as many conveniences near you as possible. As you peruse real estate listings in the East Cape, take a look at what’s close to each.

Some homes may be closer to tranquil fishing villages, where the hustle-and-bustle of city life doesn’t exist. Other homes are situated in more lavish development areas that boast all of life’s comforts, from top-tier grocery stores to VIP golf courses.

Before you buy, consider what kind of lifestyle you want to enjoy in the East Cape. If you’re an avid golfer, for example, you might want to select an East Cape home with access to an elite 18-hole golf course. Several new courses now wind their way through the area. One of which legendary course architect, Robert Trent Jones, Jr designed.

Let your interests and hobbies guide your home buying process.

Why invest in East Cape Homes?

Interest in East Cape homes is quickly rising, and it’s not just the area’s unrivaled beauty that sparked the demand. Here’s why so many of the world’s elite are investing in East Cape homes:

Luxury and adventure meet

East Cape homes are some of the most elegant, prestigious homes available in Los Cabos. Their modern design creates a luxurious space that flows naturally inside and out. In addition, their beauty complements the vast array of activities available to homeowners. From private beaches and yacht clubs to adventure tours and top-rated cuisine, the area offers the best for VIP residents.

Money goes further

Perhaps one of the biggest fiscal attractions surrounding East Cape homes is the strength of the U.S. dollar. Strong currency coupled with a low cost of living and low property tax rates gives homeowners the chance to expand a home’s amenities.

Simply put, money goes further in Mexico, and it gives homeowners impressive real estate luxuries.

Unmatched culinary experiences

Mexico is known for its rich, vibrant culture and nowhere is that more evident than the Los Cabos food scene. You’ll find everything from trendy fusion experiences and fresco dining to quaint cantinas and local haunts offering homemade tamales.

Comforts of home

There is a strong American influence in the region, which helps homeowners feel at home. Los Cabos embraces American holidays, has well-known retailers, and offers diverse cuisine fit for any taste.

Language isn’t a barrier

Worried about your Spanish? Don’t. English is spoken freely all over Los Cabos, so there’s no need to worry about a language barrier. The area is home to a large community of ex-pats who embrace Los Cabos as their home.

Buying a home in the East Cape of Los Cabos offers an exclusive opportunity to live in a world-class community, where luxurious living, modern design, and robust activities create the perfect setting. The area’s elegant beauty and vast amenities provide an experience that many seek, yet few obtain. For those interested in the East Cape community, consider buying a home in the Costa Palmas Beach and Yacht Club.