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Blog  |  Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Mexican Architecture: 6 Kinds of Home Styles

Traditional Mexican architecture has long been admired for its unique style and naturally-inspired design elements.

With a long, storied history as vibrant and diverse as its people, Mexico’s residential architectural style is similarly dynamic.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in East Cape, read on for an up-close-and-personal look at six signature home styles you’ll find on the enchanting coast.

1. Spanish Villas

Spanish villas are probably the most recognizable style of Mexican architecture.

Bright, barrel-shaped red tile roofs provide a stark contrast against gleaming white walls, with pops of additional color found on darkly-stained wooden doors and shutters.

Other common characteristics of Spanish villas, which are usually one or two-story, include curved doors, entryways, windows, and arches that flow from room to room.

Intricate tile patterns and designs can be found in both interior and exterior spaces, extending to quaint courtyards that often house elaborate gardens.

Expect to encounter black wrought iron gates and doors on the property, as well as an overall emphasis on grandeur, a nod to Mexico’s Spanish heritage.

Small and intimate or grand and stately, Spanish villas are a home style that exudes elegance in any sized setting.

2. Casitas

In Spanish, the word “casita” translates to “little house,” and can also refer to a comfortably chic mother-in-law suite. What these charming, smaller dwellings lack in size, they more than make up for with stunning scenery.

Usually simple in design and rectangular in shape, casita living is all about the unbeatable view.

Similar to a beachside bungalow, casitas commonly feature a front-row seat to the breathtaking beach or ocean. Casitas can also be smaller structures detached from the main home building, with their own bedroom, bathroom, and living area.

In addition to using casitas as a guest room, many people utilize the extra space as a music room, home office, or gym.

3. Adobe

Another style of Mexican architecture that marries past and present is adobe home architecture.

Distinguishable by their smooth mud-glazed, sun-dried brick walls and rough-hewn wooden vigas, or overhanging rafters, adobe homes are a modern take on the ancient Aztec hut design.

Long ago, Aztec huts were quite small and contained very few rooms and windows to shield their occupants from the sweltering desert heat.

Today’s Adobe-style accommodations are much larger and can extend to multi-level estates.

Inside an adobe home, your eye is immediately drawn to elements like an arched stucco fireplace in the main living area, red brick or terracotta floors underfoot, and an interior look at rustic wooden vigas overhead.

4. Mission Revival

When it comes to Mission Revival homes, a reflection of 18th-century Colonial Spain, it’s all about the details. These ornate, church-like dwellings are characterized by features like a square bell tower and an arched parapet curving above the roof line.

While white stucco walls and red-tiled roofs mirror the style of Spanish villas, Mission Revival homes feature an array of elaborate finishing touches.

Elaborately carved window trim, intricately patterned brick inlay that frames arched openings, and classic quatrefoil accents throughout the home combine to give this style its unique, defining characteristics.

As you enter a Mission Revival home, you’ll be greeted by a cascade of colors like rustic reds, pops of orange, mesmerizing teals, and mosaic tile patterns that add to the warm and inviting atmosphere.

5. Haciendas

Haciendas are typically one-story, sprawling residences with ample square footage and plenty of space to spread out comfortably.

Known affectionately as rambling ranch-style houses, haciendas once belonged to upper-class citizens or members of Mexico’s nobility.

Space is a key theme in hacienda design, as evidenced by expansive cobblestone courtyards, gardens, and extensive living areas. These spaces showcase gleaming stone floors, grand brick-faced fireplaces, and high ceilings.

Massive kitchens, dining areas, and bedrooms are all situated separately for added privacy. Bedrooms are usually designed with direct access to the property’s sweeping courtyards, so indoor space flows freely into the exterior. There’s plenty of room to roam, with an open-air, roofed pergola for relaxing poolside.

6. Residences

At the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, opulence and unassuming sophistication are a way of life.

With contemporary, chic residences available right on the resort property, every day will feel like an endless vacation in paradise. Choose from jaw-dropping views of the vibrant marina or sparkling Sea of Cortez for a welcome wake-up call each morning.

Costa Palmas residences are available in spacious two, three, and four-bedroom layouts. They feature neutral, earth-toned color schemes that echo the gorgeous natural setting. Here, form and functionality meet modern, decadent design in each private home space.

Wind down from a fun-filled day with a dip in your private pool, or prepare your fresh catch of the day on your grill. An inviting indoor-outdoor space means more room for everyone in your crew to lounge comfortably together.

Soak up the sun at the beach, rejuvenate at the spa, hit the world-class golf course. Or enjoy sightseeing around the action-packed East Cape area. These stylish dwellings paint a perfect backdrop for priceless quality time spent with friends and family.

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