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Luxury Home Buying in Cabo vs East Cape

Buying a luxury home in Baja, Mexico? Los Cabos and East Cape both offer beautifully designed homes. And with sun-filled days, ocean vibes, and mountain views, owning a home in either area is an amazing opportunity. However, the two cities, while welcoming, offer very different experiences.

Los Cabos, which comprises Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, sits at the southernmost tip of Baja’s long, skinny peninsula. It’s a hotspot for celebrities, tourists, and investors.

Meanwhile, East Cape, which sits about 45 minutes east of Los Cabo, is a quiet, natural wonder. With elegantly designed homes that complement the area’s rich environment.

If you’re looking at luxury homes available in East Cape or Cabo, it’s important to understand the differences between the two places and the homes that are available in each locale. To help, take a look at these differences:

East Cape embraces Old Baja

East Cape harkens back to “Old Baja”, where dirt roads and nature rule the land. While there are developments in East Cape, it doesn’t compare to the popularity or crowding in Cabo.

When the Mexican government poured millions into the area’s infrastructure in the early 70s, which included the construction of a Central Highway that connected Tijuana to Cabo, tourism increased – and so did the number of luxury homes available in the area.

Today, the hub of activity is centralized along a 20-mile stretch in Cabo known as the Tourist Corridor. With everything from restaurants and clubs to beaches and oceanside condos, the corridor is full of visitors and luxury homeowners alike.

While you can find homes in Cabo outside this 20-mile stretch, development has sprawled beyond this point, making it hard to find a slice of elegant paradise.

In East Cape, you avoid the nighttime crowds

Cabo San Lucas has a vibrant nightlife. The Tourist Corridor has much to offer, but the two-block stretch near the marina boardwalk and Plaza Bonita is the epicenter of clubs and bars. If this appeals to you, buying a luxury home in Cabo San Lucas could be a good fit.

By comparison, East Cape is quieter. You can stop by a mom-and-pop bar for a pint or enjoy a glass of chardonnay while overlooking the Sea of Cortez, but it’s not wall-to-wall people looking to close the bars down.

Amenities are plentiful in East Cape

Luxury homes available in East Cape, especially those available inside Costa Palmas, offer a full list of upscale amenities that are hard to find in Cabo. Costa Palmas, for example, offers:

An 18-hole championship golf course

Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply like to play a round or two with friends, the Costa Palmas Golf Course is described as an “emerald symphony” that caters to players of all skills. Broken into three movements, the course overlooks the sapphire waters of the Sea of Cortez and the one-of-a-kind marina.

Don’t have time for 18 holes? Try the 7-hole loop or spend some time honing your skills on the 28,000-square-foot putting course. Wrap up your outing with a bite at Bouchie’s, an alfresco venue with eclectic treats to try.

Explore East Cape with experienced guides

Want to take an ATV tour? Go whale watching? Reel in a marlin? As an exclusive member of the Costa Palmas Beach and Yacht Club, you can tap into a team of local adventure guides. Let them know what you’d like to do, and they’ll make it happen. They know all the hot spots, from the best fishing holes to hidden ATV trails where you can snap the best pictures.

Dock your yacht at a new port of call

If you spend your spare time on the sea, you’ll likely need a home with a nearby marina. Costa Palmas recently opened its state-of-the-art marina, which can accommodate yachts up to 250 feet long. On shore, you’ll find the freshly-minted Marina Village, where renowned restaurants and shopping await.

For yacht owners looking to buy real estate in East Cape, Casa Blake offers a unique opportunity. To own a luxurious home just feet from your vessel. You can transition from the sea to shore in seconds, giving you the freedom to design your day as you please.

Swim in the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is a picture-perfect backdrop. The shimmering water set against rocky cliffs and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains will never get old. Rather than just admiring the view, look for a home where you and your family can swim in its refreshing waves.

While most of the coastline isn’t swimmable due to jagged rocks and rough seas, you can find residences located on a swimmable stretch of beach.

Pre-construction dominates the luxury market

Home buyers are looking for luxury homes in both Cabo and East Cape, with many eyeing new construction. Real estate reports show over half of the inventory on the market is pre-construction.

Private Aman Residences within Costa Palmas, for example, are being built and offer buyers expansive four to seven bedrooms with up to 20,000 square feet of living space.

New builds give homeowners a chance to weigh in on their home’s features, layout, and size. And, without previous owners, buyers hope to avoid issues that come with taking over a home.

Explore homes in East Cape

If you’re drawn more towards a home in East Cape, you have a handful of unique homes to choose from. Inside the prestigious Costa Palmas, you can pick between a variety of homes, like an oceanside villa or a private marina residence. With open layouts, floor-to-ceiling windows, outdoor lounges, bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and private pools. These luxurious additions make each a worthy place to call home.

If you’re ready to learn more about real estate options in Costa Palmas, explore the residences and home sites that are available in this seaside oasis. If you’d like to receive information about a specific option, fill out this contact form to become part of the Costa Palmas community.