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Blog  |  Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Inside the Most Exclusive Homes for Sale in San Jose Del Cabo

Once a sleepy fishing town, Cabo has transformed. With pristine coastlines and sugar sand beaches, the southern tip of Baja has quickly become the most sought-after destination for luxury homeowners.

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are the two oceanside cities that makeup Cabo. It has a variety of ultra-luxury listings available.

VIP buyers looking for the ultimate beach living experience are searching, “San Jose del Cabo homes for sale” as we speak. Why San Jose del Cabo over Cabo San Lucas?

San Jose del Cabo is a quaint city, known for its charming streets, boutiques, and authentic restaurants. It’s favored over its sister city, Cabo San Lucas, which draws more tourists and is known as a party spot.

High-end villas and luxurious condos sit atop hillsides and line private beaches in San Jose del Cabo. In addition, this go-to destination is home to prestigious new resort communities that give homeowners unprecedented living space, top-notch amenities, stunning views, and the ability to customize their beachside residence.

If you’re looking for a high-end home, there’s a lot to know about San Jose del Cabo homes for sale. To educate potential buyers, let’s look inside some of the most exclusive homes in the area. These feature should inspire your own home search and set expectations as you look.

Features inside luxurious San Jose del Cabo homes

San Jose del Cabo homes are as unique as its surroundings. If you’re looking to buy, get ready for a palate of unforgettable aesthetics, features, and amenities, including:

Expansive outdoor entertainment areas

There’s no better place to entertain than on a picture-perfect terrace overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Luxury homes offer expansive outdoor spaces that provide the perfect setting for any outdoor gathering. With jaw-dropping views, large infinity pools, BBQs, sunbathing recliners, and pool-side bars, your guest won’t want to leave.

Some luxury homes even include a modern twist on a traditional palapa, a common hut-like structure with a thatched roof used for shade. In high-end homes, an upscale version of a palapa serves as an outdoor bar.

Unrivaled amenities

Inside some of the most luxurious San Jose del Cabo homes for sale, you’ll find an array of amenities. Whether you want to spend your afternoon on the links or prefer lavish pampering at a beachside spa, you won’t find more prestigious amenities than those offered in San Jose del Cabo.

Some homeowners opt for in-house amenities and prefer for their own tennis court, spa, or bowling alley on their grounds. Others want the access to amenities, but not the upkeep. Many San Jose del Cabo homes for sale have private clubs, marinas, and golf courses that are steps from a residence.

Costa Palmas, a new high-end residence and resort community, for example, offers a Robert Trent Jones, Jr. golf course, a private beach and yacht club, and a marina capable of hosting 250-foot long yachts.

Buyers should let their preferences and hobbies guide their amenity choices.

Pure elegance

You won’t compromise on design or beauty when you buy in San Jose del Cabo. Architects make every effort to showcase the area’s otherworldly views and build homes that complement the surrounding beauty.

With floor to ceiling windows, unique architecture, and outside spaces that are just as stunning as those indoors, buyers fall in love with the elegance of San Jose del Cabo homes.

Customizable additions

Every home, no matter the price, needs individualized touches to make it feel like yours. In the luxury housing space, these personalized touches are in the form of aquatic fireplaces, marble floors, gourmet kitchens, wrap-around terraces, game rooms, fully-equipped gyms, and dressing rooms that display extravagant clothes and accessories.

If you find an up-and-coming resort community, you’ll be able to customize the property and add the features and décor that you want to truly make it your own.

Accommodations for service personnel

Whether you’re searching San Jose del Cabo homes for sale to find a primary residence or to buy a vacation home, you might need help maintaining such a property. Many luxury homes offer bedrooms or suites for service personnel. This allows live-in staff to care for your home around the clock.

Tech that improves quality of life

Today’s luxury homes have impressive technological innovations. From standard automation features that allow homeowners to control the thermostat, lights, and locks, to more advanced tech that hides flat screens behind walls, there are many tech-savvy features that new homeowners can expect inside high-end homes.

A home’s technology is typically controlled by smartphones and in-wall command centers, but some are voice-activated and can carry out specific functions like turning the water on and off in a shower by asking.

Additional information luxury home buyers should know

Features aside, there are a few other things you should know if you’re interested in San Jose del Cabo homes for sale, including:

Airport accommodations make travel a breeze

Luxury homes in San Jose del Cabo are about 45 minutes away from Los Cabos International airport, but recent upgrades now provide an exclusive terminal for private jets. Residents can de-plane and be in their private car within minutes.

Infrastructure upgrades ease commutes

Cabo has invested a lot of money in its infrastructure to cater to both tourists and homeowners. Road conditions have drastically improved over the last few years. As new communities are built so are corresponding infrastructures. The improvements make it easier for homeowners to enjoy more of the local life.

Not all beaches are safe for swimmers

If your dream is to walk out your door and into the ocean, you should know that not all beachfront properties are fit for swimming. Some locations have dangerous waves and a strong undertow, so if you’re looking for a swimmable beach, make sure your realtor searches for a calm, private beach that’s swimmable.

Landscapes vary

The entire Cabo area is a combination of flat terrain and rocky hillsides. Some homes are carved into steep hills while others dot the coastline where it’s a bit flatter. As you view homes, consider what kind of landscape you’d like and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Privacy is paramount

Cabo is a destination location. The city welcomed three million tourists in 2017, so you’ll likely want some insulation from the hustle and bustle of peak tourist season. As you look at San Jose del Cabo homes for sale, consider the distance to and from popular hotspots and make privacy a priority as you hunt for your perfect home.

Consider importing your car

As you plan your move, you might consider importing your car. Many homeowners import their own new cars. Cabo’s geographical location results in the limited selection of new cars and often high prices. You don’t have to change your plates either, and it’s fairly inexpensive to obtain auto insurance.

With an insider’s look at San Jose del Cabo home features, you can make an informed decision on your move.

Remember, San Jose del Cabo real estate is experiencing a boom with a strong focus on high-end homes right now. If you’re looking for an exotic place to live or vacation, consider San Jose del Cabo homes for sale. You’ll find stunning choices in a prestigious and naturally beautiful destination that luxury homeowners crave.