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Blog  |  Sunday, April 14, 2019

Explore the Best in San Jose Del Cabo Homes for Sale

People who visit San Jose del Cabo often make plans to return before their vacation is even over. Perhaps it’s the stunning weather, warm water, and endless opportunities to explore. Or maybe it’s the cuisine and rich historical sites that make people want to buy San Jose del Cabo homes.

Whatever the reason, many vacationers set their sights on making San Jose del Cabo their permanent home. Visitors often leave with dreams of grandeur and research San Jose del Cabo homes for sale before they return home.

If you’re looking for San Jose del Cabo homes for sale, here’s what you can expect in terms of locations, styles and types of homes, and amenities.

Sandy beach or sand trap?

San Jose del Cabo offers a virtual four seasons of real estate—not in terms of weather, of course, which is sunny and warm year-round—but rather setting. While many assume San Jose del Cabo homes for sale are beachfront villas or estates with expansive yards backing to a golf course, there are also hillside coastal villas, private bungalows in gated resorts, marina residences and colonial ranches close to the historic downtown.

Panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez (which Jacques Cousteau touted for its diversity by referring to it as “the Aquarium of the World”) can vary greatly. There are plenty of San Jose del Cabo homes for sale that can get you within walking distance of town and give you panoramic views from a hilltop. Many will offer beachfront property where you can dig your toes in the sand just steps from your terrace. Meanwhile, properties like Four Seasons Residences at Costa Palmas’ offers high-end contemporary homes, where you can enjoy your own private slip in “Baja’s most cosmopolitan marina.” The options are endless.

For those who consider any day in which you play golf to be a good day, you won’t be disappointed in what San Jose del Cabo has to offer. In fact, when Golf Digest published a list of Mexico’s top 15 golf courses in 2016, nearly half were in Los Cabos.

There’s a solid mix of public and private golf courses in San Jose del Cabo, and if you’re researching San Jose del Cabo homes for sale, you’re sure to find some stunning private golf residences with course memberships. Costa Palmas, for example, features a world-class 18-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. With views of both the ocean and the mountains, the course is complemented by The Golf Club, which offers a clubhouse, pro shop, caddy service, professional instruction, and a practice facility.

Checking the right boxes

Narrowing down your San Jose del Cabo homes for sale search may start with broader questions regarding what you’re seeking:

  • Do you want a traditional house with acreage? A condominium that requires no yard work, or a secluded villa where all your needs are taken care of?
  • Are you looking for the historical charm of an older estate? The simplicity of a bungalow? Or a contemporary casita that offers a custom blend of indoor and outdoor living?
  • Are you drawn to authentic Mexican architecture with Cantera tile floors, a hacienda with marble floors and palatial ceilings, or an elegant and sophisticated residence with organic texture and décor?

It may help to create a list of features that draw you to a certain style of home, such as:

  • glass walls
  • panoramic views
  • open floor plans
  • a rooftop terrace
  • a private pool and hot tub
  • ranch style vs. multi-floor
  • granite, marble, hand-painted tile, etc. 

Community amenities vs. luxury living

Not all community amenities are created equal. There are shared community spaces, such as a single pool and jacuzzi at a condo complex. But those looking to truly manifest the lifestyle of their dreams are probably searching San Jose del Cabo homes for sale with bigger payoffs than a shared jacuzzi. We’re talking moveable walls to bring the outside in, private infinity pools and exclusive docks for your boat.

Luckily, San Jose del Cabo real estate delivers on its promises of luxury living like no other. Contemporary resort living at upscale communities like Costa Palmas ensure every detail is perfected, every whim is attended to, and everything you need to live your best life is available.

Love to be on the water?

At Costa Palmas, you can live in a private beachfront residence, boast your own slip in the marina, or go on tailored adventures for the day or overnight. There’s even a private Yacht Club for members only.

Many resort communities also offer their own beach bars and beach clubs with multiple pools, including swim-up bars.

Making the move a family affair?

Some resort communities offer kids’ camp-style adventures or regular activities to keep little minds and bodies entertained. Kids For All Seasons at Costa Palmas, for example, features outdoor adventures, a stage, costumes, karaoke, video and board games, arts and crafts activities, a lounge space for teens and a cozy corner for small kids.

Almost all San Jose del Cabo homes for sale are within walking, biking, or scooter distance to incredible restaurants. Whether you’re seeking traditional Mexican food at a street-side bistro or international cuisine with al fresco dining, San Jose del Cabo draws residents and visitors alike for its food and margaritas.

On-site restaurants are a big selling point for resort residents. Many employ some of the country’s top chefs and staff. Likewise, farm-to-table menus and freshly caught seafood can fulfill a foodie’s quest for the best meals 24/7. Costa Mesa takes their promise for the freshest food to the extreme. For instance, they send their crew to the docks and its own organic farm early each morning.

Customizing your San Jose del Cabo dream home

If you’ve searched all the San Jose del Cabo homes for sale and can’t find exactly what you want, it may be time to build your own or renovate a modern and luxurious residence in Cabo San Lucas.

This could mean buying land, finding an architect to help design your home, then choosing a construction company to build your vision.

There are also design-build companies that can serve as a one-stop-shop to ensure a seamless process from concept to completion.

Finally, you could hire a contractor to upgrade one of the San Jose del Cabo homes for sale. The home might have features you want already such as location and basic “good bones” but still needs some customization. Add a pool, upgrade to a gourmet kitchen, build a guest house, or extend the deck to the beach.

One final consideration is to use a resort’s builder to get the home of your dreams. Some, like Costa Palmas, let you choose from several home designs or a custom build. You can build with either your own design team or with Costa Palmas Home.

Bringing your own sailboat? Create the beachfront private residence of your dreams near the heart of Costa Palmas Marina and Yacht Club and you’ll get a private dock and yacht captain’s quarters.

Whatever lifestyle persona you’re seeking—sailor, adventurer, golf enthusiast, free spirit or all of the above—San Jose del Cabo can make it a reality.