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Blog  |  Saturday, March 2, 2019

Experience the Best in Cabo San Jose Real Estate

Maybe you fell in love with San Jose del Cabo on your honeymoon, or maybe you’ve heard the area has become the go-to place to buy private luxury, beachfront villas.

No matter the reason, San Jose del Cabo is the perfect place to buy a house. After all, gorgeous sandy beaches, colonial buildings, artisan shops, and fantastic weather provide the perfect conditions for paradise living.

The seaside area once thought of as a one-time vacation stop, has become a slice of heaven fit for long-term residence. If you’re toying with the idea of making San Jose del Cabo your permanent home, you might be wondering, “will this destination location check all your boxes?” The answer: Absolutely.

There are so many options available to luxury home buyers on Baja’s southernmost point. From the Costa Palmas East Cape resort community to inland condos or private residences, San Jose del Cabo real estate offers a wide variety of amenities, locations, and lifestyles to meet your needs. Here are a few tips to get your home search started:

Choose a location

To narrow down your search for San Jose del Cabo real estate, start by asking yourself about your dream location. Is it vital that you have a marina residence to launch your boat? Be walking distance to town? Have a yard that overlooks a golf course? Are you hoping to wake up to a view of the Sea of Cortez as they do at Costa Palmas, or live in a gated community with a master-planned village?

Don’t worry if you’re having difficulty choosing. San Jose del Cabo real estate offers plenty of options that can incorporate almost “all of the above.”

Unlike its sister city, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo isn’t known as a Spring Break destination for college kids, so almost any location in the city will provide you with a balance between traditional Mexican appeal and luxury living without the constant party revelers. Instead, you’ll be a short walk, drive, or scooter ride from what makes San Jose del Cabo real estate worth its weight in gold. These include sandy beaches, manicured golf courses, charming shops and restaurants, sparkling lagoons, and the historic town square, Plaza Mijares.

While social butterflies may lean toward close-knit resort communities with plenty of built-in opportunities to mingle and make friends, those seeking more constant solitude may want to opt for a single-family home on acreage. Or, as is the case with many of San Jose del Cabo real estate options, you find a happy medium among the solace of private-beach villas that come with all the resort perks.

Look for luxury amenities

One way to narrow down the multitude of resorts and residential developments in San Jose del Cabo real estate is to make choices based on your current or future lifestyle. Start by asking yourself this: When you imagine your daily experiences in San Jose del Cabo, what will they include?

For many people, the answer includes days filled with golf, boating, scuba diving, hiking, and regular massages and nights filled with fine dining, dancing, soaking in a pool, and enjoying the balmy ocean breeze from your private deck.

San Jose del Cabo isn’t just for quiet retirees looking to soak in the sun in solitude. From swimming and zip lining to hikes and glass-bottom boat tours, activities can fill the time from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year.


For families in search of the perfect San Jose del Cabo real estate, there is an array of options. At Costa Palmas, for example, private boat slips and marina residences put the water at the forefront of your lifestyle. Additionally, the Sports Complex provides a gathering place for children and adults alike. It offers a ropes course, pickleball, tennis and paddle tennis, basketball courts, sports fields and even roller hockey.


Consider yourself a foodie? With year-round weather that’s conducive to growing almost anything and fresh seafood coming in straight off the boats, it’s easy to find delicious dining throughout San Jose del Cabo. There are countless restaurants with menu offerings ranging from casual, traditional Mexican fare to more high-end international cuisine. With so many alfresco dining options, you may be hard-pressed to decide where to eat. Don’t worry, almost all offer margaritas and local wine thanks to the many vineyards and wineries on the Baja Peninsula.

But if you’d rather have a restaurant on your property, you’ll still have options. An on-site restaurant is an amenity that’s abundant in San Jose del Cabo resort communities. Just take Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, for example. Each of its five concept restaurants is dedicated to using fresh, organic ingredients. Many ingredients are sourced right from the resort’s 18 acres of organic farms. And the seafood couldn’t be any fresher if you caught it yourself. Early each morning, the kitchen team visits the fishers. They want to ensure their residents only get the best of the best in terms of variety and quality.

Consider designing your own home

If you can’t find the exact home you want in the current San Jose del Cabo real estate market or you’ve always dreamt of custom building your own house, you can purchase land. In addition, some resorts allow you to build your own seaside retreat rather than choosing from existing homes. Los Cabos at Costa Palmas allows you to custom build private villas using your own design team. You can also use Costa Palmas Home, which offers four tailor-made home designs.

For those choosing to build or renovate a home on private land, consider these tips. Although building or remodeling a home on private land can help ensure you get exactly what you want, it also opens up opportunities for pitfalls, especially if you’re working with a contractor long distance. Hiring, managing, and supervising a contractor virtually can create a lot of challenges and frustrations. It’s one of the reasons people looking at San Jose del Cabo real estate use one of the many resorts’ homebuilders.


Temperature highs here average in the 80s and 90s throughout the year. Most San Jose del Cabo residents know the value of not only beach access, but also swimming pools. If you’re more apt to lounge in a crystal-clear resort pool than dig your toes into the sand or frolic in the salty sea, you may want to bump resort living to the top of your home search. Even seaside resorts boast swimming pools and some homes also offer private pools just steps from the beach.

Whether you’re looking for a private beachfront residence, a home with its own dock, a golf-focused resort estate, or something unique that you’ve been designing in your head for years, San Jose del Cabo real estate can make your dreams of living in a Mexican seaside village a reality.

Finding your slice of paradise just requires you to know what you want. With so many home styles, resort amenities, and location options around the city, making San Jose del Cabo your new home is as simple as defining your perfect lifestyle.