Best Real Estate Resorts in Baja for the Yachting Lifestyle

Baja, which refers to Mexico’s entire Baja California Peninsula, has been a scenic tourist destination for decades, particularly for West Coasters craving a beachside getaway. In fact, the border crossing at Tijuana is actually the busiest in the entire country. While we traditionally think of Cabo San Lucas or San José del Cabo, the preferred holiday for rowdy spring breakers and those seeking all-inclusive family resorts, Baja actually has so much more to offer. 

As a whole, the peninsula spans a whopping 760 miles, traversing through sprawling deserts; picturesque mountain ranges; the gorgeous Pacific coastline; and the calm, glimmering waters of the Sea of Cortez. The latter — along with the area’s notoriously warm, sunny weather — makes baja a premier destination for yachting or those who just want to be near the yachting lifestyle. 

Right now, Baja is at a crossroads. The southern tip of the peninsula is a bustling resort area, but development on the secluded East Cape has only just begun. Here, the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez serve as a Holy Grail for marinas. As a result, it’s also home to some of the most luxe real estate resorts in the region. From the edge of Cabo to off-the-grid East Cape, here are the best resorts for the yachting lifestyle.  

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas

Costa Palmas was designed with yachting in mind. Actually, it’s the debut marina resort from Four Seasons, and they’ve seemingly perfected the art on the first try. Even with two-miles of private oceanfront, most yachters will agree that the Marina Peninsula Private Residences are one of the resort’s main draws. These private residences have a view that’s unbeatable. It’s one of the few accommodations that directly overlooks the marina, and you can see boats parked from feet away. 

Costa Palmas is brimming with amenities and excursions. They make it more than just your average luxury holiday. You can take a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip, where you literally catch your own dinner; you can trek to Cabo Pulmo, the west coast’s oldest coral reef and a UNESCO world heritage site; or you can soak up the sun at the Beach & Yacht Club, enjoying a beachside cocktail. Whether you own your own boat or want to charter a trip, Costa Palmas will help you create a tailor-made adventure.

Paraiso del Mar 

Nestled inside a 1700-acre nature preserve, Paraiso del Mar soaks up everything the bay of La Paz has to offer, including Marina Cortez. The marina itself is a hotbed for yachting since that was its purpose from the start (seriously, it was actually designed by yacht owners to accommodate some of the largest boats on the Sea of Cortez). 

As for La Plaz, the Capital of Baja’s southernmost state, you’ll find something very different than Cabo. Lonely Planet describes it as “the most ‘Mexican’ city in Baja.” It’s far less Americanized than other tourist areas, but it’s also quite international. You’ll hear French, Italian, and Portuguese the same as you’d hear English or Spanish.

Paraiso del Mar offers luxury oceanfront condos and family-style homes that come with the same amenities you’d get with a traditional resort. Their aim is to foster a true island-living experience, celebrating the authentic Mexican culture that defines La Paz. In other words: It will truly feel like you’re yachting in Mexico vs. yachting somewhere in southern California.

Hacienda Beach Club & Residences

Medano Beach is one of the few places you can actually swim in Cabo. As a result, it’s become a haven for yachters — whether you’re bringing your own boat to the marina (which is a quick walk from the beach) or chartering a yacht for a luxury day trip. While there’s a number of luxury resorts in the area, the Hacienda Beach Club & Residences is so posh and pristine that it’s managed to maintain a rare five star TripAdvisor review.

Hacienda Beach Club caters to vacationers who want to enjoy the beachfront and nearby marina, which houses 33 megayachts and can accommodate boats up to 375 feet. Even if you’re the type to get seasick, the resort’s seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living offers ocean views. You can watch yachts cruise around the seaside right from your balcony.

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

Formerly known as the Resort at Pedregal, the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is a brisk six-minute drive to the Marina Cabo San Lucas. The resort itself is nestled on oceanfront property at the peninsula’s southernmost tip. Every private home, villa, or casita comes with its own plunge pool. Still, the major draw is the fact that the Waldorf gives you the best of both worlds. It feels like a secluded retreat. Designed for the type of relaxation you’d expect from a five-star vacation, but you’re actually just steps from the bustling center of Cabos San Lucas.

For yachting enthusiasts who prefer the liveliness of Cabo over the quieter East Cape, the Waldorf Astoria is hard to beat. They offer everything from yachting access, sea cruises and sailing to whale watching tours and snorkeling. Basically, if you want to get in the water, you won’t be short of options. 

Why You Should Be Yachting In Baja, Mexico

The yachting market is expected to grow 5.2% annually over the next seven years, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Travelers increasingly prefer personalized luxury experiences, and that’s exactly what’s trending in Baja. So, how is yachting in Baja different from everywhere else? Let’s look at the facts:

  • The Sea of Cortez separates the peninsula from the rest of Mexico. It has calm, lake-like waters that cater to year-round yachting. Combined with the overwhelmingly sunny weather, yachting simply isn’t a seasonal industry in Baja like it is in other places.
  • There are a number of different marinas along the peninsula, which is 760 miles long. This enables yachting enthusiasts to easily sail from city-to-city, and essentially do a tour of Mexico. You can enjoy the bustling clubs in Cabo while retreating to the secluded East Cape.
  • It’s easy to get out on the water. If you don’t have your own yacht, many of the luxury real estate resorts surrounding Baja’s most popular marinas offer day or overnight cruises, as well as sailing, fishing, and whale watching.
  • There’s a ton to do on-shore. Even if you love yachting, you don’t necessarily want to be tied to your boat. Baja offers a cultural experience, world class restaurants, and a myriad of different outdoor activities that utilize the peninsula’s shifting terrain — from riding ATVs in the desert, to hiking waterfall trails, to snorkeling or shopping at local markets.

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