An Exclusive Look at The Four Seasons Residences in Baja

Baja is an attractive getaway for many. The sapphire water, desert climate, and serene beauty offer the ultimate escape. While many people flock to the crowded shores of Cabo San Lucas, affluent visitors have found a calmer and more elegant option to the east.

East Cape, a largely undeveloped area just 40 minutes from Cabo, is home to a new Four Seasons Resort. Guests marvel at the unparalleled accommodations, but for those who want more than a week-long vacation, the property also has high-end homes for sale.

Four Seasons Residences combine the extravagance of a resort with the welcoming spirit of a beachfront home. For those interested in this new property, here’s an exclusive look at what you should know:

Homes are situated along the Sea of Cortez

The Four Seasons Resort and Four Seasons Residences Baja sit along a swimmable two-mile stretch of beach where waves from the Sea of Cortez roll onto the shore. The Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in the background complete the picturesque landscape that can be seen from resort rooms and residences.

Four Seasons Residences are situated inside Costa Palmas, a new resort community nestled on Baja’s southern peninsula. Inside the exclusive community is a full gambit of amenities fit for any homeowner.

Amenities are plentiful

Those who purchase a Four Seasons Residence aren’t just buying a beachfront home, they’re joining a community with access to unmatched amenities. Within the Costa Palmas resort community, you’ll find a:

  • Number of restaurants

Whether you want a fancy dinner or a poolside cocktail, you’ll find a number of restaurants and bars that cater to every taste and mood-all within walking distance.

  • Private beach and yacht club

Join the club, sail for the day, and return to the clubhouse to overlook the sea and tell stories of the day’s adventures.

  • Marina

Costa Palmas has an expansive marina that can accommodate every kind of boat, including mega yachts.

  • Adventura

Feeling adventurous? The Adventura guides, coaches, and mentors will take you to places less traveled on land and sea.

  • Kid’s club

A space that kids can call their own, the Kid’s Club is the ideal gathering space full of activities and friends.

  • Golf course

Baja has quickly become known for its magnificent golf courses, many of which are near Cabo San Lucas. However, the area’s newest course is right near Four Seasons Residences Baja, where 18 holes of lush greens await. The course, designed by golf icon Robert Trent Jones Jr., plays to the natural landscape and showcases impressive vistas at every tee.

Buyers have their choice of homes

Four Seasons has two different residence options to choose from: Private villas and private residences.

  • Private villas

A beachfront villa is a one-of-kind jewel with grand living space that blurs the lines between inside and out. With dramatic views of the ocean and mountains, outdoor spaces that highlight the area’s beauty, an inviting courtyard, and a cascading patio that draws you to the dune-side pool, you’ll feel pampered in your own home.

These luxury houses offer 7,000+ sq. ft of interior space and another 3,000+ sq. ft of exterior space for a truly exquisite place to call home.

  • Private residences

What’s your ideal view? The beach, marina, or golf course? With a Four Seasons Residences Baja, you can choose.

A beachfront private residence, for example, could have five bedrooms each with their own full bathrooms, a sunken living room, a master bedroom with a private terrace and his-and-her closets, and an expansive outdoor space with a private pool.

With 5,000+ sq. ft of interior space and another 1,500 sq. ft outside, you’ll have plenty of room to rest, relax, or entertain.

If you’d like something more intimate, a marina peninsula private residence is just over 2,000 sq. ft and offers a cozy seaside escape.

East Cape has so much to offer

Although East Cape is just minutes from Cabo, the two cities couldn’t be more different. Think of Cabo as a rebellious, party-ready teenager and East Cape as its younger, calmer sibling.

East Cape is often compared to Old Baja, where dirt roads are common, the locals are known by name, and the beaches are restful. As mentioned, the area is largely undeveloped, but that doesn’t mean it’s void of activity. On the contrary. In East Cape you’ll find a wealth of activities like:

  • Snorkeling or scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo

There’s an entire underwater world awaiting you at the national marine park, Cabo Pulmo. Grab a snorkel or a scuba suit and explore the reef, schools of fish, and exotic creatures like sea turtles and rays.

  • ATV tours

Remember those dirt roads we mentioned? They’re perfect for an old-school ATV tour; an activity that drew travelers to Baja in its early days.

  • Fishing

Whether you’re an avid angler or just like to drop a line now and then, the Sea of Cortez is an iconic fishing spot. In fact, sport fishing is what put Baja on the map. Many of the area’s earliest resorts catered to fisherman who would fly in just to fish in the sea.

  • Shopping

You’ll find a good mix of shopping choices. From malls to boutiques and everything in between, there are plenty of opportunities to shop in the area. San Jose Del Cabo, a neighboring city, is a particularly great spot to explore with its cobblestone streets, shops, cafes, and art galleries all along a walkable corridor.

  • Kitesurfing

Looking for a real adventure? If you buy a Four Seasons Residence, you could spend your days kitesurfing. With a board on your feet and a sail attached to your body, you’ll glide through the waves and fly into the air with this adrenaline-rushing sport.

East Cape offers a prestigious resort community, grand amenities, and a natural paradise that’s ideal for affluent buyers. When considering making this area your home, look into Four Seasons Residences Baja. Ready to learn more? Simply fill out the form below and the team at Costa Palmas will help you become part of this exclusive, beachfront community.