A Guide to Watersports on the Sea of Cortez: Mexico’s Playful Coast

The waters of the Sea of Cortez are perfect for watersports. It is no surprise that they offer visitors a number of options to choose from. Whether you want to swim with dolphins or surf some waves, this area has something for everyone. The Sea of Cortez is also a great place for watersports enthusiasts of all levels.

This guide will help you find out what types of watersports are available on the Sea of Cortez. Use this guide to help you plan your watersports on the Sea of Cortez accordingly!

What is the Sea of Cortez?

The Sea of Cortez is a body of water that borders the southern part of Baja California in Mexico. It is also known as the Gulf or Gulf of California, and it’s where many water sports happen.

It was once the largest lake in Mexico, it has shrunk considerably over time. The Sea of Cortez is now one of Mexico’s most important fisheries due to its proximity to the Gulf Stream.

The Sea of Cortez is also famous for its clear waters and marine life. The marine life includes dolphins, whales and sea lions.

What Kind of Watersports are Available?

Swimming, sport fishing, surfing, kayaking and wind surfing are popular in the Sea of Cortez. Windsurfing is a fun activity and a possibility if there is enough wind.

Each town on the coast has different watersports available to visitors. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Cabo San Lucas: Swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, boating and windsurfing
  • La Paz: Swimming, diving, fishing and whale watching
  • Loreto: Kayaking and fishing

First-time visitors to the Sea of Cortez may not know what they are getting themselves into. The waters near Los Cabos can be very choppy and it is important to wear a life jacket at all times on the water.

Boating and Sport Fishing on the Sea of Cortez

Boating and Sportfishing on the Sea of Cortez can be a very fun way to spend a day. The waters are home to many different types of fish, including marlin, sailfish, tuna and dorado.

The coastline of the Sea of Cortez is filled with beautiful coves, bays and inlets that make perfect destinations for a day of boating. The waters are perfect for cruising and exploring the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean and for viewing local wildlife. With the Pacific on one side of the peninsula and the Gulf of California on the other, you can enjoy a memorable day of boating no matter which way you turn.

Several local beaches and inlets can help you create the perfect boating day trip with plenty of stops for sightseeing, wildlife viewing, picnicking, swimming and more! There are several boat rental companies available in the area that will provide boat rentals for a day of fun on the water.

If you want to try your hand at sport fishing, the Los Cabos area provides some of the most sensational sport fishing in the world. Popular fish species in the area include Striped Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, Sailfish, Swordfish and more depending on the season. Several day charters are available around Los Cabos and the surrounding marinas with full or half day fishing trip charters.


Swimming near Los Cabos is a popular activity among visitors. Local beaches are uncrowded and the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are the perfect place to relax for the day.

There are several beaches near Los Cabos that offer great swimming, including Costa Azul, Palmilla Beach and Medano Beach.

Before you go swimming, you will need to ensure that the beach is available and safe for swimming. In recent years, watersports have become very popular in this region. As a result, many hotels and resorts now have strict rules for beach cleanliness to protect the watersport industry. Swimming is also not recommended at some beaches due to strong currents or high surf conditions.


If surfing is your thing, then Los Cabos waters are perfect for it! The waters in the Los Cabos area are home to several excellent surfing spots, with consistent waves and great weather conditions. Some of the most popular surfing destinations in Los Cabos include Cerritos Beach, Punta Ballena and The Point.

The beaches near San Jose del Cabo and Todos Santos have some great places where you can rent boards or join lessons with experienced instructors. With their help you’ll be up on a board or increasing your skills in no time!


If you’re looking for an extreme watersport adventure, then kiteboarding might just be what you’re looking for! This sport is growing in popularity all over the world, and Los Cabos is a premier destination for it.

Due to it’s location on the Sea of Cortez, Los Cabos has some of the best waters in Mexico for this activity. There are several kiteboarding schools and resorts all over Los Cabos, so you’ll have no problem finding a place to give it a go!

Tandem kiteboarding is the safest way to experience watersports in Los Cabos, so many people opt for this. You’ll get an expert instructor who has your back throughout the whole lesson!


For watersports fans who are keen to get up close with sea life, kayaking is an excellent choice. Kayaking can be enjoyed throughout Los Cabos, with calm waters ideal for beginners or experienced paddlers alike. It’s also great exercise as well as being fun!

Kayaks are a great way of exploring the sea without worrying about rough conditions or strong currents. You can also enjoy many gentle water-based activities like bird watching.

Local tour companies offer kayak rentals where visitors can enjoy nature from sea level – take your pick from different locations around the bay including Mismaloya Beach and Snorkeling With Turtles at Scmon’s Lagoon.


Diving enthusiasts will find wonderful sites for exploring underwater all across Los Cabos, including great wrecks that make ideal dive spots, such as the SS Monte Carlo off Cerralvo Island – it’s easy access makes it one of the most popular wreck dives on Baja California!

The waters are clear and filled with colorful coral reefs and fish. Many local dive shops along the coast can provide you with all the equipment you need, so be sure to ask around when you’re here. With plenty of rental operators available, it’s easy to get started on your perfect Sea of Cortez diving adventure.


Jet Skiing in the Sea of Cortez is a must-do activity for visitors to this area. The waters are smooth and the coastline is filled with coves and inlets that make for perfect places to explore. There are also plenty of areas where you can pull up on shore. Take a break from riding or hop in the water for a quick swim.

With jet skiing in Los Cabos, it’s important that you stay away from all rocks when trying this sport for the first time. Rocks may damage your boat propellers due to their sharp edges – which is very dangerous!

Rentals are available by the hour, half-day or day at local shops along the coast.


The Sea of Cortez offers some of the best windsurfing conditions in all of Mexico, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to try this sport out. With winds blowing consistently throughout the day on the East Cape and Los Cabos, there’s always an opportunity for boarders to catch some waves.

The idea time to wind surfing in Los Cabos is from Fall through March. A favorite windsurfing spot in Los Cabos is at Los Barriles along the East Cape, situated approximately 45 miles north of the Los Cabos airport.

Other great spots around Los Cabos for windsurfing include Buena Vista, Punta Colorada and Cabo Pulmo.

Windsurfing equipment can be rented at many of the local shops and marinas.

If you’re interested in learning how to windsurf while on vacation here, there are great schools that provide lessons for all ages and skill levels. There are even special children camps available if your kids want to try this sport out as well! So bring them along with you so they too can experience what it’s like to be a water sports hero!


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