9 Historic Sites to See in Cabo

With a colorful culture as rich and diverse as its storied past, Cabo has a plethora of sights to see, secrets to reveal, and adventures waiting to be discovered around every corner. Let your inner explorer out to play while you’re staying at the regal Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, just off the beaten path.

In addition to enjoying elegant, sprawling seaside residences set against the glimmering Sea of Cortez, take your adventure-seeking travels up a notch with all of the exciting exploits the area has to offer. Traverse ancient ruins, observe timeless treasures, or get a closer look at legendary places from the past when you add these nine must-see historic sites to your sightseeing itinerary.

  1. 1. Set sail to El Arco

    Charter a boat from Marina Village, hop aboard a water taxi, or take your yacht out for a day trip to discover tourist favorite El Arco, also known as “The Arch.” El Arco is a natural limestone formation inaccessible by land that sits right where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.

    Long ago, pirates used The Arch as a cover to ambush and raid westbound merchant ships.

    Snap a priceless photo in front of the famous structure or relax and lounge on nearby Lover’s Beach–where you may even spot sea lions or whales.

  2. 2. Experience Espiritu Santo Island

    This gorgeous island oasis was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995. There’s a secluded beach ideal for catching rays and watching the waves, curved trails for hiking and sightseeing, and lots of amazing ocean life to see when diving or snorkeling–you may even spot a humpback whale!

    Bring your own boat over from the Marina Village at Costa Palmas or catch a ride on a fiberglass boat for a remarkably eye-opening view of the wondrous ocean world below.

  3. 3. Explore the Hot Springs of East Cape

    Although most of East Cape’s hot springs have been government-protected since their discovery in the early 1900s, there are two where tourists are permitted–El Chorro and Santa Rita Hot Springs.

    Begin your day with breakfast at Costa Palmas before heading off to the Sierra Laguna Mountains. Once you arrive, sit in the serenity of natural hot springs for true renewal.

    Soak up the sights and sounds of nature as you ride out to both El Chorro and Santa Rita, passing small, secluded villages along your journey.

    Need to rest and replenish your mind and body? The healing powers of these natural hot tubs are just what the doctor ordered.

  4. 4. Explore Lover’s Beach with its legend in mind

    Many believe that the name “Lover’s Beach” is derived from the fact that the 164-foot stretch of sand sits where two seas are joined–the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. However, legend tells a story more akin to Romeo and Juliet.

    According to the story, Lover’s Beach, which sits right past El Arco, marks the spot where a Japanese sailor was rescued by a local woman in the 1800s. After falling in love on the same beach, the father’s objection to the relationship ends disastrously as he mortally wounds the sailor. Stricken with grief, the woman took her own life on that very beach in order to be reunited with her star-crossed love for eternity.

    With the multitude of sea creatures right offshore, composing a veritable aquarium of sorts, family-friendly Lover’s Beach is a perfectly dreamy destination.

  5. 5. Cruise to the Coral Reef at Cabo Pulmo National Park

    Home to one of only three living coral reefs left in North America, Cabo Pulmo National Park also serves as a sanctuary for an array of sea creatures. For guests and residents of East Cape, it’s a very quick, convenient, and worthwhile trip.

    The reef and its residents have thrived since 1995 when the Mexican government put an end to commercial fishing in the area. At an estimated 25,000 years old, the riveting reef is nothing short of remarkable.

    Want to get up close and personal with some of the magnificent creatures that call the national marine park home? Go on a guided snorkeling or diving tour. You’re bound to be treated to spectacular sights, including sharks, rays, giant turtles, and schools of tropical fish under the sparkling sea.

  6. 6. Escape to El Faro Viejo

    El Faro Viejo, or “The Old Lighthouse,” was built in 1890 to signal ships. The lighthouse operated from 1895 to 1961 and is one of the oldest structures in Cabo.

    El Faro Viejo is perched proudly atop high sand dunes overlooking the emerald waters of the Pacific Coast. Golfers have a great view of the legendary lighthouse, which frames the 7th hole of Quivira Golf Course. Get a glimpse of El Faro Viejo during a game of golf or reserve a private tour of this regal piece of regional history.

  7. 7. Capture Cabo’s History at Casa de la Cultura

    Head to downtown Cabo San Lucas to visit a treasured local landmark. The famous pink structure, with its traditional, Colonial-style architecture, has stood for more than 150 years.

    During the Mexican-American War of the mid-19th century, Casa de la Cultura was used to house resident Americans. Today, the structure operates as an entertainment venue complete with a theater. If walls could talk, this casa would definitely have some colorful stories to tell.

    You can make a day out of all that downtown Cabo has to offer when you visit Casa de la Cultura as a starting point.

  8. 8. Marvel at the Natural History Museum of Cabo San Lucas

    Brush up on Cabo’s abundance of natural and local history at this treasure trove of knowledge. What once served as the area’s first primary school now contains impressive scientific collections of paleontology, including fossils of local marine mammals, birds, reptiles, and more.

    A particular highlight is the zebra fossil, the basis for recreating the area’s prehistoric era.

    Rooms dedicated to regional history cover everything from sailors and explorers to the area’s native ethnic groups.

  9. 9. Surround Yourself with Spirituality at Iglesia de San Lucas

    The most widely-attended Catholic church in the area still stands today, located in downtown Cabo. Iglesia de San Lucas, which translates to Church of St. Luke, was constructed by a Spanish missionary in 1730. Very little has changed physically about the church since that time, giving all who enter a peek into the past.

    Visitors can take in a traditional church service or simply admire the old-world architecture while observing local customs. Before heading back to your Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos, stroll on over to the nearby town square, full of shops and restaurants with an extra dose of local flavor.

Of course, you can visit these historic places frequently as an East Cape resident. With a two-mile stretch of swimmable beach, a renowned golf course, and prestigious beachside villas, it’s the ideal place for a second home. Learn more about the luxurious home options that await you.

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