7 Amenities to look for in an Oceanside Marina Village

You never need to skimp on luxury when you purchase your next home or getaway property in an Oceanside Marina Village near Cabo San Lucas. Hugging the shorelines of the most sought-after real estate in this region, you will find an unending array of opportunities for relaxation and adventure. Take your yacht out for a sunset cruise, enjoy fishing the rich waters, stroll under the swaying palms, or shop to your heart’s content at unique boutiques. Then catch brunch at a nearby café. Luxury marina property in Baja, Mexico can fulfill all your getaway dreams, but it takes more than a beautiful view to make the right Oceanside Marina Village purchase decision.

The Perfect Luxury Marina Property in Baja, Mexico

The beauty and luxury intrinsic to available village properties near Cabo San Lucas and Baja make them wise choices for people who love the sun, sea, and all the best life has to offer. However, the final decision depends on the amenities available in the Oceanside Marina Village you choose. While these will change based on a person’s general interest and lifestyle, these seven will help you start your quest.

1 – Outdoor Living, Views, and Privacy

When you invest in a luxury property in one of the best locations, you want to enjoy everything it has to offer. The last thing you want is another building blocking your view of the natural beauty, beach, and ocean. Besides stellar views, and Oceanside Marina Village property should provide the opportunity for indoor-outdoor living enjoyment. Patios, decks, cabanas, and other opportunities to relax or entertain alfresco make everything better. However, sufficient privacy is also an amenity that discerning property buyers look for.

2 – Well-Appointed Gourmet Kitchens

Amenities within an Oceanside Marina Village property should include a top-of-the-line kitchen worthy of a gourmet chef’s attention. However, everything also needs to be highly accessible and easy to use for those who do not cook regularly. Bonuses like wine fridges, efficient dishwashers, and additional seating options at an island can impress even the pickiest home buyer. For those times you do not want to cook, nearby restaurants, cafés, and clubs should offer upscale alternatives.

3 – High Tech and Smart Systems

No matter how far away from the hustle and bustle of city life your tropical village property is, you need to stay connected for both personal and professional reasons. Also, smart technology provides an amazing level of convenience in your everyday life. Automated systems in the home are one amenity that many luxury property buyers look for. These can control everything from temperature to lighting to sound systems and more. High-speed internet access is also a necessity in this day and age.

4 – Easy Mooring for Yachts and Ocean Access

Not everyone interested in luxury property purchases owns large boats. However, if you do, you need a secure and accessible place to moor it near your home. Private options right outside your door top the list, but the village property itself should have designated space and water access for everyone who enjoys boating. One of the biggest draws of purchasing a new home or vacation getaway in a Marina Village near Cabo San Lucas is the ocean. Easy access to the water in a safe manner also allows for snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply soaking in the fresh saltwater and rejuvenating your senses with ocean breezes.

5 – Personal Gyms and Fitness Amenities

People who purchase luxury marina property in Baja, Mexico, or another sought-after location need to stay fit and healthy so they can enjoy all the outdoor adventure and hot nightlife in the area. A fully equipped gym or yoga room on property or close by in the Oceanside Marina Village is a draw. Although not for everyone, golf course access, tennis courts, and walking or jogging trails are must-have amenities for some. Everything that combines fitness and fun is a huge benefit.

6 – Air Conditioning and Climate Control

Despite the excellent weather in this region, luxury real estate must provide owners with the opportunity to control their experience. The best climate control systems use smart thermostat technology to regulate the temperature twenty-four hours a day. All popular amenities in any high-end home focus on the comfort of the people who live there and their guests. Climate control should work efficiently, and quietly, and have many automatic scheduling options.

7 – Private Marina Village Beaches

While every home in the luxury marina village may not have its own private beach, people purchase these spots for access to the water and all the activities associated with oceanside living. Cabo San Lucas and Baja, Mexico are known for their white and gold sand beaches and warm and inviting waters. A residential village that boasts truly upscale living must offer clean, accessible, and private beaches for residents and their guests.

When you begin your search for an Oceanside Marina Village property to purchase take these and other amenities into account. You deserve maximum comfort and convenience to experience only the best of what Cabo and Baja have to offer. For more specific information about village properties available, explore the Costa Palmas site or contact us with questions. Your dreams of experiencing tropical paradise from your own luxurious abode are closer than you think.

Where elemental luxury meets a sea of dreams

Set at the edge of the Sea of Cortéz, Costa Palmas is a dramatic landscape…and a home. Costa Palmas is a unique invitation to elemental luxury and spirited adventure on a calm blue sea of dreams. Resort amenities include:

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  • Marina and Marina Village
  • Robert Trent Jones II designed world-class 18-hole Golf Course, and a Golf Practice Facility
  • Organic farms, orchards and an estuary
  • Aventura Adventure Planning and Guides
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