6 Reasons to Buy a Luxury Vacation Home in East Cape!

The East Cape provides 70-miles of magnificent coastal scenery set along the Sea of Cortez. As the pandemic takes hold on housing markets throughout the nation, East Cape is seeing an influx of investors wanting an escape. Hidden beaches, gorgeous vistas, secret fishing spots, and all-star golfing provide quaint entertainment for those seeking something different from the hustle and bustle of their day to day.

The only surprise is that it has taken investors so long to realize that East Cape Baja can be much more than a vacation playground. Developments throughout the area are popping up and offering beachfront privacy for all who seek it. It is a prime opportunity to make East Cape a permanent or secondary residence. Learn about the several advantages of purchasing your next home in the tranquil stretch of the southern tip of Baja.


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The East Cape is beginning to establish itself as a prime area for luxury real estate. The location and amenities surrounding it have made it the place for investors seeking unmatched beachfront opportunities. Whether seeking luxury marina property, a luxury vacation home right on the ocean, or quaint properties tucked more inland there are a plethora of options available. The newly established housing market in the East Cape provides a wide array of unique opportunities. Amazingly, the market for the region remains mostly untapped, making it a highly lucrative move for smart investors.


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When seeking new property in a new county the most important thing is safety. Fortunately, East Cape has seen a reduction in crime as more developments have begun to form in the area. In fact, the crime rate is lower compared to the other cities in the United States of America! Whether worried about the pandemic or worried about overall crime-rate safety. Another advantage of the East Cape Baja community is its deep sense of culture and community.  Tourists and residents alike have come to realize that it is a safe place to reside with the family.


When buying any property outside of your own country it can be a bit nerve-racking. Many buyers are unaware of the protocol for buying a home within another Country. Foreigners have the full ability to buy properties throughout the southern tip of Baja. The only time an investor should only have to sign a fiduciary trust document is if they buy a property that is off the coast. Thankfully, there is a myriad of resources available to help make the process a bit more seamless. However, it is not the internet as you might think. Buyers need an experienced agent who has knowledge of the high-end homes that are on the market.


Properties along the Sea of Cortez and the Southern tip of Baja are becoming prime areas for investment. The real estate throughout the area is relatively affordable compared to other high-end properties in America or other parts of the world. As more and more people come to East Cape, they realize the appeal of having a part-time luxury vacation home in paradise. This means that their property can double as a retreat and help produce money when they are not at the home. Investors coming in and making a profit have found that the rental income from investment properties is booming through the Southern tip of Baja and it is not something to miss out on!


As many investors know buying properties is not just about access to the unbeaten rental income in the area it also about reading markets and putting money where it will help make money in the future. The booming house market in Baja means that buying property now can help avoid inflation over the course of time. It is also a good way of ensuring the diversification of your portfolio. Since you get a solid asset from the housing market, you also have a level of capital protection.


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Along the southern tip of Baja are a wide variety of experiences to be had. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, are seeking seclusion on the beach, or want to bask in full-service luxury, you can have it all in the East Cape. Homes throughout provide a level of seclusion while still providing convenient access to nearby towns with bustling shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and events. Benchmark luxury establishments like the Four Seasons have built resorts and residential developments to help people take advantage of their top-of-the-line golf courses and world-class spa services. The gorgeous marinas throughout the area offer unmatched fishing and various water sport activities for anyone looking for more adventure. Simply put you can have the best of everything when you decide to buy luxury in the East Cape.

Affluent buyers are on the hunt for a luxury vacation home that provides beauty, convenience, and pleasure all in one place. Places like Baja’s East Cape have become a luxury buyer’s paradise. While high-end markets throughout the world struggle amid the pandemic, Baja thrives and provides the seclusion and tranquility everyone is seeking. If you’re interested in East Cape real estate, discover the benefits of joining the community today!

Where elemental luxury meets a sea of dreams

Set at the edge of the Sea of Cortéz, Costa Palmas is a dramatic landscape…and a home. Costa Palmas is a unique invitation to elemental luxury and spirited adventure on a calm blue sea of dreams. Resort amenities include:

  • A world-class Beach & Yacht Club
  • Marina and Marina Village
  • Robert Trent Jones II designed world-class 18-hole Golf Course, and a Golf Practice Facility
  • Organic farms, orchards and an estuary
  • Aventura Adventure Planning and Guides
  • Bespoke Shopping
  • Sports Park

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