5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Yacht Club

Joining a yacht club allows you to soak up sumptuous amenities under the sun while getting to know other boating enthusiasts with similar tastes for top-notch travel. Are you enjoying all that the yachting lifestyle has to offer?

Whether you love chartering a private boat or setting sail on your personal luxury watercraft, yachters can experience the beauty of the world, one port at a time.

When it’s time to drop anchor and take your adventures onto dry land, yacht clubs keep the excitement going throughout your elegant excursion.

So if you’re thinking of joining a yacht club in Los Cabos, consider these questions before taking the plunge.

  • How many locations will you have access to, and where are they?

    You’ll want to narrow down your search of yacht clubs in Los Cabos to find the best fit for your unique lifestyle. And an important factor to consider is the number of clubs included, as well as their locations.

    If you plan to hop off your private plane and head straight to the yacht club, can you? Is there an airport nearby, or is it located too far off the beaten path to work with your plans?

    You’ll likely want to have a branch of the club located in close enough proximity to an airport to keep your glamorous getaway convenient, timely, and stress-free.

    If you decide to change destinations on future trips, having an additional branch of your yacht club near your next port of call makes it much easier to be flexible.

    If you plan on chartering your personal luxury watercraft, you’ll want to be sure there’s a club location convenient to your itinerary, as well as an available spot to dock your boat.

  • What amenities are offered?

    Another critical component of your yacht club search should entail a look into the amenities you can enjoy with membership. Ensure that the five-star service you’re accustomed to onboard your yacht continues seamlessly when you arrive ashore.

    Many yacht clubs offer their members full access to concierge service and assistance with scheduling an itinerary if desired. Whether you want to fill your days with as many activities as possible or prefer to unplug and recharge, the availability of knowledgeable staff can make it happen.

    Outdoor enthusiasts may want to look for upscale amenities like fitness centers, offshore excursions or lessons, swimming pools, and sports courts.

    Those interested in indulging in some pampering will likely seek spa services, onsite beauty treatments, and places where you can shop ‘til you drop.

    For those traveling with children or teens, consider what supervised activities, events, or facilities can keep them engaged.

    Keep in mind that yacht club amenities aren’t limited to downtime.

    If you’ll be bringing your own yacht into the harbor, an equally critical component to take into consideration is the club’s maintenance service and amenities.

    If you need assistance with repairs, check to see if the club you’re interested in offers the tools and facilities needed to properly maintain a yacht–or at least skilled staff on-hand to assist with whatever your boating needs may be.

  • How do they ensure exclusivity?

    An undeniable characteristic of a top-tier yacht club is dependent on the exclusivity of the atmosphere. Yacht clubs put a cap on membership to preserve the level of service and attention to detail they’re able to offer their members. Inquire about the number of active memberships allowed, and how often new members are welcomed.

    You’ll also want to find out whether or not public access is permitted and what club rules are in place to keep things running smoothly and up to par with your expectations.

    If public access is restricted, this may keep the traffic down, but it could pose a problem if you want to invite guests to join you on your getaway.

    Find out what their guest policy entails to determine how well a particular club will work with your plans and any extra visitors who may be at your party.

    Another important figure to know is the number of yachts in their fleet. Not only will this give you an idea about what kind of crowd size to expect at any given time, but you’ll also be able to use this information if you’re planning to charter one of their vessels or need a boat slip for docking your own.

  • What social events are in place to establish a sense of community?

    One of the biggest perks of yacht club membership is the social factor. A yacht club offers a place to mix and mingle with other like-minded travelers who enjoy the finer things in life, like visiting exotic places and meeting new faces.

    From grabbing a glass of wine at the beach or poolside bar to lounging by the firepit, see what gathering spots make an ideal place to get to know your fellow explorer at the club any time of year.

    In addition to scoping out the common areas that are conducive to interacting, look into the activities, events, or other social happenings offered by your potential yacht club to determine if it’s a good fit.

    Common yacht club festivities include tennis tournaments, holiday parties, fishing rodeos, and boat races, just to name a few.

  • What is the club’s primary focus?

    All yacht clubs are not created equal–and this extends to their goal or mission. Each club can have a very different vibe than the next, and it’s pivotal in your search to find one that best aligns with your vacation vision.

    Inquire as to whether a particular club focuses more on boat races, sailing, or aquatic expeditions, while another may be more centered around relaxing and catering to social functions.

    If both of the scenarios described above sound appealing, your best bet may be to look into one that serves up a healthy combination of both.

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