4 Yachting Myths That Aren’t True in Los Cabos

Looking to relax, unwind, and truly get away from it all?

Yacht life in Los Cabos offers the freedom, flexibility, and privacy to design your own excursion.

If your sights are set on the shimmering turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, known as the “aquarium of the world,” there’s no time like the present to set sail. Dreamy decadence awaits aboard your own personal luxury watercraft, where the open ocean is your oyster.

There’s a reason so many yachters choose Los Cabos for their ultimate summer vacation destination–actually, there are several!

Los Cabos offers world-class sailing, dining, fishing, watersports, shopping, and adventure, both on and offshore.

Whether you’re new to yachting or a more seasoned sailing traveler, there are several myths about yachting that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at four common misconceptions about yachting–and why they definitely don’t ring true when you leave the worries of the world behind in Los Cabos.

  1. 1. You have to spend all of your time on the boat.

    One of the best parts about yachting is exploring new places–on and off your magnificent watercraft.

    At the Four Seasons Resort Los Palmas, Marina Village is the perfect port of call that makes it simple to shake up your relaxation routine. Dock your yacht where other world-class vessels, sailboats, and fishermen gather to take their adventures on dry land for a bit.

    Hop off the boat and explore all that the area has to offer–a lively atmosphere consisting of dining, shopping, waterfront lounging, and plenty of people-watching awaits.

    As soon as you step foot off the boat, you’ll notice a laid-back, carefree vibe set in elemental elegance.

    Peruse the unique boutiques that dot the Marina Village for a carefully-curated collection of gifts and home goods, or stop by Mozza Baja to sample world-class fare with an East Cape twist.

    Check out Casena, Marina Village’s colorful, open-air market, and breathe in the aroma of the freshest coffee and baked bread around. Find that one-of-a-kind treasure you’ve been looking for to treat yourself or someone special, and stock up on flavorful pantry staples while you’re there.

  2. 2. Yachts lack the comforts of home.

    They’re sleek, sizable, and sumptuous, for sure–but that doesn’t mean your yacht will be cold and unwelcoming.

    In fact, quite the opposite is true! Think of your yacht as a home away from home–on water.

    Your every preference is taken into consideration for the duration of your voyage, creating a highly-customized experience that your average hotel doesn’t deliver.

    If it’s onshore comfort you crave, head inland to the Four Seasons Resort Costa Palmas.

    Set against a thousand-acre paradise with palatial properties nestled into the rugged mountains, sugar sand beaches, and sparkling, crystal-clear water, the first-class amenities are endless. Everything you could possibly desire is well within reach–all without lifting a finger.

    When you’re ready to return to your yacht, you’ll be refreshed, recharged, and ready to make more lifelong memories on the water.

  3. 3. There’s not much to do on your yachting excursion.

    Not only is your yacht a one-stop shop for all of your traveling escapades, but it’s also a means to adventurous activities at Costa Palmas Beach & Yacht Club, exclusively for homeowners and guests of Costa Palmas.

    At Costa Palmas Beach & Yacht Club, you can:

    • Sweat your stress away in a state-of-the-art workout facility while your kids take in a movie at the movie theater.
    • Cool off in the stunning swimming pool after a round of golf on the championship-worthy course.
    • Get your adrenaline pumping in one of the many activities on the top-notch Sports Field.

    Outside of the Costa Palmas Beach & Yacht Club, the possibilities are endless.

    Explore outdoor activities

    Discover the desert-like setting surrounding the beach when you go hiking or biking. Then spend some time turtle-watching by the shore, or rip through the dusty desert roads on an ATV tour

    Enjoy the water

    Sail through the deep blue seas on your own personal watercraft, or charter a yacht, sailboat, or fishing boat at Marina Village.

    Let a local fishing expert guide you to making a massive, fresh catch. The Sea of Cortez is known for its plentiful fish–an abundance of sea bass, grouper, yellowfin tuna, and marlin. These are just some of the fish ripe for the catching.

    Take a spin with a tour guide or seasoned sea captain at the helm, so you can sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery stress-free.

    Visit local hotspots

    Drink in the natural beauty of El Arco, or The Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Travelers flock to this famous limestone formation from all over the world to bask in its natural beauty.

    Go beach hopping

    Stretch out on nearby Lover’s Beach, take the kids to Medano Beach, or give Chileno Beach a try. Soak up the sun and spot a number of enchanting sea creatures from the surf, including sea lions.

    Visit small towns

    Cruise on over to one of many local towns and cities from East Cape, including Santiago, La Paz, and many more for hiking, historical sightseeing, swimming in waterfalls, and more.

  4. 4. Yacht life means being isolated from other people.

    This one’s only true if–and when–you want it to be.

    If it’s seclusion and privacy you seek, of course, your yacht makes the perfect escape.

    When you’re ready to rejoin the world outside of the opulence aboard your boat, check out the vibrant buzz of energy at Marina Village.

    Take a relaxing stroll as you listen to live music or lounge in comfort by the wood-fired pizza oven. Later, dance the evening away at the nightclub, or mix and mingle with friends old and new at the bar.

    What sets Costa Palmas apart from like-minded locales is the sense of community and belonging. If you’re yearning for a destination that’s tailored to suit your every whim, whether that’s sinking into solitude aboard your yacht or venturing onshore to socialize.

See for yourself why everyone keeps coming back for more. Costa Palmas is the inviting, opulent oasis that you’ll yearn for year after year. Want to learn more? Check out ownership opportunities at Casa Blake.