Young Buyers Redefine the East Cape Luxury Housing Market

Millennials are often a misunderstood and mislabeled group. They’re often accused of being entitled or financially irresponsible when the statistics actually prove otherwise. The reality is millennials are incredibly tech-savvy, educated, and environmentally conscious. Their values and traits are visible in their real estate purchases. In fact, millennials are buying East Cape luxury housing in surprising numbers.

How millennials can buy East Cape luxury housing

Millennials are marrying and having kids later in life and this may attribute to their buying power.

Many are skipping the idea of buying a “starter home” and instead, saving up for a down payment on a higher-priced alternative. In 2017, home buyers under 35 purchased nearly a quarter of homes constructed by Toll Brothers, the largest luxury homebuilder in the U.S.

But Generation Y isn’t set on only buying in the United States. Having spent most of their adult life with smartphones, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, their options for remote work allow them to telecommute from almost anywhere in the world. Developers are considering this concept when building luxury homes abroad.

In Costa Palmas in East Cape, for example, homebuilders are listening to the features young buyers want and need most.  They provide a peaceful oasis on the Sea of Cortez that offers luxury accommodations for work and play.

Exactly what features are East Cape real estate developers using in their luxury home builds at Costa Palmas to attract young buyers? Here’s a look at some of the rave-worthy features that millennials love about East Cape real estate:

  • Extended living spaces

Young buyers have a different definition of luxury than their grandparents. For city-dwellers, outdoor living spaces were prime real estate. It allows them to entertain friends on rooftops and balconies for a glimpse of gardens during the day or constellations at night.

East Cape real estate stretches living space beyond the indoors with moveable doors, open-air living spaces, outdoor kitchens, and beachfront balconies. Millennials love that East Cape real estate gives them the chance to enjoy the more than 350 days of sunshine and scenic views.

  • Eco-friendly features

At Costa Palmas, the comprehensive plan of East Cape real estate developers has always focused on walkability. This green-living feature has proven to appeal to most buyers, but especially younger generations.

Of course, a decreased carbon footprint isn’t just about driving less. From gas and electricity to waste and water, today’s young homebuyers often make real estate decisions based on energy-efficient features.

Sixty-nine percent of realtors say promoting energy-efficient features in listings is beneficial, according to the National Association of REALTORS 2019 Sustainability Report. Green property assets range from solar panels and tankless water heaters to indoor air purification systems and geothermal energy systems.

Los Cabos homes feature many of these eco-friendly features. Young buyers can incorporate every environmentally-friendly feature on their wish list with custom builds.

  • Constant connectedness

Many of today’s young luxury homebuyers telecommute for work, therefore these digital nomads require reliable, high-speed internet access. But, having grown up in the age of hyper-connectivity, these buyers are also looking for homes with built-in smart features.

At Costa Palmas, East Cape real estate developers are well aware that smart climate controls, security systems and even kitchen appliances are must-haves for a generation that has come to rely on automation and voice activation.

  • Flexible, functional spaces

Young homebuyers are much more environmentally aware than their previous generations, and that means bigger isn’t always better. Instead, East Cape real estate developers work with some of the world’s most respected architects to design functional homes without using a large footprint.

This translates into open concept living spaces, rooms that can serve multiple purposes, and making smart use of square footage by maximizing vertical space.

  • Experiential amenities

Beyond the crowded tourist traps of Cabo, East Cape offers sandy beaches, paths through private orchards, and hidden blue lagoons. For busy young professionals, these sanctuaries are a break from work, a way to commune with nature, and a locale for fun activities.

East Cape real estate amenities are a draw for young buyers. In a centralized location, homeowners can play a round of 18-holes, take a dip in the ocean, take their boat out from the super-yacht marina, or plan excursions with an adventure team.

There are always activities within a short walk with no pre-booking required. These include snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, boating, golfing, and spa experiences.

  • Low-maintenance living

Making the move from an urban setting to oceanside luxury living is about finding a balance of work and leisure. This equation typically doesn’t include yard work or home maintenance.

Costa Palmas and its amenities can take care of every whim. From boat maintenance and landscaping to cleaning and having meals prepared by world-renowned chefs. Even the most self-sufficient East Cape real estate owners appreciate having the option for pampering.

East Cape real estate developers, architects, and homebuilders have addressed the details of luxury living. They ensure that homebuyers won’t spend time repairing sprinkler systems, scrubbing seaside decks, or looking for help on their yacht.

In today’s East Cape luxury housing market, no features should be out of reach. While older homes may provide the traditional look and feel that elite Baby Boomers sought, new custom luxury homes in international destinations are more attractive to younger buyers.

While luxury homes were once reserved for older generations that had saved for decades, the trend is shifting. Millennials are now in the position to make luxury home purchases. Many up-and-coming builders are making sure they offer homes that this generation is looking for.