Tourist Turned Resident: How One Trip to Cabo Could Make You Change Your Address

Have you ever gone on vacation and considered moving to that destination? It happens more often than you think. Spending a week on the tropical shores of Cabo, for example, might have you thinking about finding something a little more permanent than a hotel room and looking into Cabo real estate.

Your vacation doesn’t have to end. You can go from tourist to resident. Last year, many people changed their residency to Cabo. Driven by remote workers and people ‘seizing the day’ during an uncertain pandemic, home sales were up 20% in 2020 in Cabo, according to Cabo Real Estate Services.

Are you ready for a change of address? If you’re interested in moving south to a legendary destination, becoming a Cabo resident might be in your future. Here’s why more people are choosing Cabo as their home:

The weather is amazing

You can’t beat the weather in Cabo. The temps usually hover in the 80s, but you won’t see the mercury drop below 56 or above 91 degrees. There is a rainy season in August and September, and while there can be days that are considered “washouts,” most of them only include a shower in the afternoon.

As might expect, the forecast never includes snow, so if you’re living in the 33% of the U.S. that gets snow – you’ll never shovel again if you move to Cabo.

You get more daylight in the winter

If you’re from the northern hemisphere, you’re used to darkness setting in early in the winter. In some areas, night comes as early as 4pm in the colder months. That’s the not the case in Cabo, where there’s almost 11 hours of daylight on December 21.

In other words, you’ll go from hibernating in the winter months to eating dinner outside on a sunlit veranda.

You can always go fishing

The weather and sunshine aren’t the only draw, the Sea of Cortez is one of the most well-known fishing holes in the world. In Cabo, you can head out to the rock formations at Finnisterra (Land’s End) and go after marlin, dorado, wahoo, tuna, sailfish or swordfish.

If you head up the coast a few miles to East Cape, you can drop a line in the deep canyons just 15 miles from shore to snag a dorado or marlin, or go after a prized roosterfish that usually lurk in shallow waters off Punta Arena.

The sights never get boring

With natural attractions like El Arco, a natural arch that sits at the intersection of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, and rejuvenating hot springs like El Chorro, you won’t tire of unique places to explore.

Take a hike into the craggy Sierra de la Laguna mountains to find the hidden Cascada Sol de Mayo Waterfall or trek up Mount Solmar to see the white cross that many locals believe provides protection to the land below.

If you own a boat, take a day trip out to Espiritu Island; a protected spot with a secluded beach, vibrant marine life, and a few trails. You can also pay for a panga, or a small fiberglass boat that’s common in Cabo, to take you there too.

These are sights that simply never get old.

It would take years to try all of the golf courses

If you’re a golfer, Cabo is your destination. In the past few years, Cabo has become a golf mecca. There are dozens of courses up and down the coast of Baja. The concentration of courses is in and around Cabo.

Four of its courses ranked among the World’s 100 Best Courses by Golf Digest: Quivira, Querencia, the Dunes at Diamante, and the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol.

If you end up buying property, you might be eligible to access exclusive courses within a resort community like the course inside the Costa Palmas resort community. This 18-hole course is the newest edition to the golf scene and provides sweeping sea vistas and stark mountain views.

Even if you became a resident, it would take quite some time to play every course in area – but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

The sights below the water are just as impressive as those above

Cabo’s landscape is breathtaking, but so is the landscape below the sea. The Sea of Cortez is home to Cabo Pulmo; a national marine park that encompasses about 100 kilometers of sapphire sea.

If you live in the area, all you need is a snorkel or scuba gear to experience “the aquarium of the world” as often as you want. The salty water has more than 400 species of fish and countless other marine life; making it a one-of-kind sight to see.

Luxury homes are unparalleled

Cabo offers a variety of different homes at different price points, but its inventory of luxury homes is particularly appealing. High-end homes are scattered throughout Cabo, especially in the Tourist Corridor, but more people are buying outside the crowded metropolis.

Instead of neighboring nightclubs and restaurants and seeing wristband-clad tourists advertising their all-inclusive status in the form of paper jewelry, more people are looking at homes on the quieter side of the peninsula: East Cape.

Luxury has a new standard on this side of the sea. Here beachfront villas sit on the sandy, swimmable shore of the Sea of Cortez. With floor-to-ceiling windows, expansive rooms, an outdoor amenity deck, and a private pool carved into the dunes, it’s not hard to see why more people opt for East Cape living. Luxury homes like these can only be found in area’s newest resort community, Cost Palmas.

Ready to learn more?

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