Top Authentic Dishes to Try in East Cape Mexico

A visit to the East Cape in Mexico wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the enchanting and creative local cuisine. Indulge in the authentic local flavors of traditional stews, fresh-caught fish dishes, and decadent desserts. Here is our list of top authentic dishes you need to try on your next visit to East Cape!


  1. Pozole

    Long heralded as a favorite by locals and visitors alike, Pozole is a traditional Mexican stew made with hominy, chile peppers, shredded cabbage, spices and a protein of either pork or chicken. The real secret to the stew is hominy, which are dried maize kernels that have been treated with a process called nixtamalization, which dates back to 1200 – 1500 BCE!


  3. Horchata

    Not actually a dish, Horchata (or orxata) is a popular drink in Mexico made with rice, cinnamon, vanilla and water. The perfect accompaniment to the many spicy dishes in Mexico, Horchata is perfect for a hot meal or a hot day playing under the sun.


  5. Elotes

    Corn dishes are a popular staple of Mexican cuisine, so it’s not surprising that Elotes evolved into a popular street food. Throughout the country, vendors all have their own take on elotes. The dish consists of husked corn on the cob, charred on the grill, covered in either mayo or crema fresca and sprinkled with salt, chile powder and cotija cheese. If you love corn on the cob, you can’t miss this delicious East Cape take on this favorite!


  7. Seafood Tacos

    The East Cape is renowned for fresh seafood caught daily in the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez. Seafood is sea to table in hours and combined with locally sourced ingredients. Then local chefs turn it into some of the most delicious and creative seafood tacos in the country. From crab to lobster, sea bass or the “catch of the day”, seafood tacos on the East Cape are a treat you won’t want to miss.


  9. Chilaquiles

    Nachos for breakfast? Chilaquiles are a delicious, Mexican dish sometimes compared to American nachos! Corn tortillas are cut in quarters and lightly fried. The chips are then covered with either red salsa or mole and simmered. You can find them topped with scrambled eggs, pulled chicken, beans, salsa, cheese and can include avocado or other garnishments.


  11. Mole

    A diverse and important cultural sauce, mole is a versatile and essential marinade used in Mexican cuisine. Traditional mole can take hours to make and use a complex combination of multiple chilis, thickeners, spices and sweeteners. Marinate meats, vegetables and even form the base for stews with the sauce. You won’t want to miss some of the iconic Mexican mole dishes like Mole Poblano on your visit.


  13. Tamales

    No trip to the East Cape would be complete without sampling the many different flavors of authentic Mexican tamales! The Aztec, Mayan and Inca tribes originally developed the food. To make tamales, banana leaves or corn husks wrap pockets of corn dough and stuffed with either a savory filling like chicken, cheese, or beef. Sweet tamales are also delicious and include fillings like fruits and sweet corn.


  15. Tacos al pastor

    This historic dish is a quintessential Mexican dish with origins dating back to the arrival of Lebanese and Syrian immigrants in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The tacos are a simple but delicious creation. They include warm tortillas topped with tender and savory meats, salsa, onions, and lemon or lime wedges. Must-try varieties in the East Cape include seafood like shrimp, pork, and carne asada.


Elegant Dining at Costa Palmas

Your visit to the East Cape should include a stopover at Costa Palmas, the cape’s premier 1,000-acre luxury private community with a 2-mile stretch of pristine beachfront, organic orchards and farms, a private marina, golf course and Beach & Yacht Club.

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