The Estuary at Costa Palmas

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Nature as Inspiration

Throughout Costa Palmas flows an idyllic estuary. This delicate and productive ecosystem acts as home to countless flora and fauna that rely on the wetland’s nutrient-rich soils and waters. Inspired by the importance of the estuary to the Baja ecosystem, Costa Palmas has made it a priority to coalesce with this natural reserve, welcoming the organic shape into the community.

The Costa Palmas beach club was designed around the estuary. It was built in the shape of an herradura, or horseshoe, in order to respect and pay tribute to the native and indigenous plants and wildlife that populate the area. The precise shape of the club allows for stunning vistas of the estuary from every angle.

Just recently, an environmental study was undertaken by noted marine biologist at the estuary at Costa Palmas. Results of the study indicated that the biodiversity within the estuary is vast: nearly 10 native plants were noted along with 38 species of animals, predominantly birds.

La herradura, horseshoe shape, is a physical manifestation of the wonder and beauty of nature. Throughout the Costa Palmas community visitors experience and live within undisturbed biodiversity. From bird watching to sport fishing, to enjoying family time at the pool, members and guests marvel at the expansive assemblage of nature’s excellence.

NATIVE PLANTS, to name a few:
Torote Colorado
Biznaga de San josé Palma Datilera Lama
Palma Blanca

More than 38 species of animals, birds most represented. Including:
Rana Toro
Garza Blanca y Morena
Codorniz Californiana
Gaviota Baja Californiana
Aguila Pescadora
Cormorán orejón
Libélula Rayadora
Goopie Africano
Pez mosquito