Swimming with Whale Sharks

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Just two hours beyond Costa Palmas you’ll find exceptional wonders native to Baja: majestic, giant sea creatures that welcome you to swim alongside them and a picturesque beach that is one of the most stunning and peaceful in all of the country.

Travelers from near and far flock to La Paz, BCS, the capital of the state, for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with the sea’s largest fish: the whale shark. These gentle giants are found in the warm La Paz Bay during April through October. Most notably, there are only a few distinctive destinations across the globe where you can see whale sharks, with La Paz being one of them. Jacques Cousteau, the famous underwater explorer who referred to Baja’s Sea of Cortez as the “World’s Aquarium,” is only on record to have seen three whale sharks during his lifetime.

While the name “shark” may inspire trepidation, rest assured that these peaceful creatures are anything but aggressive or predatory. As feeders, not hunters, approximately 30 whale sharks annually glide through the Bay of La Paz in search of plankton. Reaching up to 40 feet in length, swimming alongside the massive whale sharks, who were not known to exist until 1828, is a significant draw for those wishing to take part in one of Baja’s most remarkable experiences.

Another wonder just hours from Costa Palmas is the white-sand, turquoise seas of Balandra Beach. One of Baja’s best-kept secrets, this calm and serene lagoon is home to Mushroom Rock and instantly becomes a favorite to all who visit. The gentle lapping waves make this beach ideal for families. Snorkel, paddle board and enjoy one of the most unspoiled, stunning beaches on the Baja. 

Costa Palmas is just hours from these veritable underwater wonderlands and many more awe-inspiring natural experiences. The more you travel the region, the more clear it becomes that Baja is home to some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders. Explore our website for more incredible Baja adventures and how you can own luxurious East Cape Cabo Real Estate.

Balandra Bay in La Paz